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  1. Putting my money w.r.t. specific concerns: If the sidebar is to use transparency (which personally I completely support), then it should use vibrancy appearance on its text and separators to ensure readability against all backdrops.The contents of the Notes List and Notes View should scroll up under the toolbar/titlebar. The sidebar's contents should not. See the Finder as an example, as well as "Source Lists" and "Toolbars".In the Snippet View, Top List View, and Side List Views, translucent backgrounds to items at best don't make sense and at worst actively impair readability. The change in translucency against the sidebar provides not enough contrast to signify the change in importance.The Note View should have significant considerations made if it it is to use translucency. As noted above, note content should scroll up under all of that. Note content, though kudos for being black-on-white, offers little contrast against the translucent background to see if it's even a note at all. See the Mail app.The rich text editing toolbar/tag toolbar/button bar doesn't make sense being translucent according to the HIG, and the borderless buttons offer no sense as to what their click targets actually are. Again, see "Toolbars".
  2. That's the extremely important part to me. The HIG says you shouldn't ever use transparency in a way that reduces readability. Vibrancy effects exist solely to increase readability against a translucent background. Evernote uses it for nothing. Not any of the text, not any of the separators. If I'm dumb enough to have a dark wallpaper (I am, so thanks!), I'm SOL for reading the titles of my notes in Evernote.
  3. I'm happy to see Evernote pushing the envelope with their apps. I trust when you say it's much faster, but I'm having a lot of trouble seeing it. The UI in 6.0.1 is dog-slow. Window dragging, window resizing… scrolling through the contents of a note is even slow! What possessed you to make the background behind the notes behind-window transparent? My notes should be my notes! Spend a minute in Mail, Finder… is there anywhere else in the OS where the thing that you're doing your primary work on is just transparent for no reason? The editing toolbar can be transparent, fine, but it should my notes scrolling under it, not my wallpaper! And scrolling through my list of notes is slower, that's like the one thing I do most in Evernote! I said to myself, fine, they wanted a nice pretty UI they could screenshot, I'll put it in List Mode… nope, that's transparent too! You made every other row transparent?! Why?! Look, I'm not a reactionary it-changed-so-it's-bad type. I was thrilled to hear Evernote made a Yosemite update. But this should not have been it. Either it's not fully tested or not fully baked or something else. I'm truly frustrated because using Evernote 6 right now makes using my whole computer slower… I've had Evernote stuck in a full-screen space of its own for months now, and now because of Evernote 6 I can't enter Mission Control without chug from /something/ that your app is doing. Using my computer is faster when I quit Evernote, and I'm not exaggerating. Do you really want to be that app? It's unfair to your users and to the design of Yosemite to just throw up your hands and say "this is the direction the OS is going". No, it's not. Not once do the HIGs recommend making the whole window translucent. In fact, they say the opposite. They encourage taste and restraint, and that is not what Evernote 6 shows. I haven't come this close to enabling Reduce Transparency before, and I've been running Yosemite full-time since Beta 1. Instead, I'm eyeing Evernote's export button, which sucks because I was about to pay for Premium.
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