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  1. This is the first time I have ever felt so strongly about any product upgrade that I've posted anything online. I have 100's of notes, use this app everyday and love it, but there are major problems with the new release (in priority order): - Pen thickness is too thick to read - many good examples on this forum - The split screen zoom leaves too little room to see what you are actually writing - original full page was better - The drift goes too fast, and isn't automatic like the old version and keeps scrolling after you stop writing - Hiding the icons on top requires me to take an extra click to erase, move, undo etc - Its too hard now to name documents - Feels like its easier to leave weird artifacts all over the screen - 2 finger slide works about 50% of the time - Screen update when writing fast feels too slow and so words get hard to read For me this app is now practically unusable, and I'm going to have to start looking for alternatives - which is a real shame Hope you can fix this soon
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