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  1. When I open Evernote from Android, which defaults to All Notes, it frequently displays an ad for Evernote Business. I could understand the ad being displayed for a free user, but I'm a paying Premium user and have no personal need for Evernote business. Why am I seeing ads when I already a paying customer. I can understand seeing it once or time, or a reminder every few months, but I see and have to dismiss it semi-daily.
  2. Thanks for clarifying why accidental deleting is a problem, it just seems totally backwards to program an extra delete setting like that, when the whole 'stop and prompt' route against the general direction for good UX. Also there is a much simplier and easier way to solve this problem: Re-Map the hotkey command for deleting a note in Mac from Delete to CMD+Delete Done, no accidental deleting, extra settings, or features that now need to be maintained needed. Throw in a "Note has been deleted. Undo" message and it's even better. NOTE: For clarification, I know that as a user you can't re-map the hot key for delete, I'm referring to having the Evernote team just change the key mapping in the code. It would be a relatively painless fix.
  3. So following up. There is a consistent sort treatment for symbols across at least the Windows and Android clients. It appears as though when you add a tag to a note, the tags that get sorted first will move to the front of the tag list (with a few exceptions, such as - which will always display as the first tag, even though it dosn't sort that way.) The sort order for tags is as follows: Notes with no tags assigned to them display at the top of the sort.Symbols: ! " # $ % & ( ) * - ' . : ; ? @ [ \ ] ^ _ ` { | } (~ tilde) + < = >The tilde is the squiggly line usually in the top-left corner of the screen. The evernote forum won't render it properly.Commas are not recognized as valid values in a sort (which makes sense since tags are bascially comma separated)- will override all other tags. Even if you have another tag beginning with !, if it also has a tag with - that note will display with the other - tags in the sort order; there may be others that do this as well, but I haven't gone through and tested this thoroughly.( and ) do funny things with sorts when you combine them with other tags, where sometimes they won't display in a set of results at all (this behavior is intermittent and I can't figure out how to duplicate it reliably)Numerals (1-9)Letters (A-Z)
  4. I totally get why they wouldn't want to add in custom fields, especially if the only added value is for sorting. This is why I think providing some sort of robust custom sort based on tags would be a better, albeit more difficult to design, solution; they'd have to figure out how to handle notes with multiple tags as part of the solution. Maybe it's just me, but from a UX perspective, it seems strange that if this is common enough of a problem thta large numbers of users are creating custome titling schemes for their notes, which is a really flimsy workaround (if a user wants to change their system they have to go back and rename ALL of their saved notes, and it's really easy to misstype accidentally misstype the words you're using for your naming convention,) then it seems like something that would make sense to go onto the roadmap for future releases. Then again, maybe only a minority of users have an issue with the way it works today and I'm the exception, in which case, I get it (and would at least like that acknowledged by the staff.) I'll give sorting based on symbols a shot (I currently use symbols as prefixes to my tags so I can quickly grab my most important tags in 1 or 2 keystrokes, ex: .next action, .read, /projectname, so it shouldn't be too hard to figure out the impact of sorting via symbol.
  5. I have no idea how you keep hitting the delete button... I could see adding a message letting you know that a note was put in the trash and including an "Undo" - that's pretty standard of most modern UXs, but displaying a confirmation everytime I delete would drive me insane.
  6. I noticed that as I'm going through my notes, I often find that the sorting options are not particularly useful for me. I don't care so much about the date or even the title of a note as much as I care about how important that note is. Idea #1: Custom FieldsOne possible solution is to allow users to create a few custom fields and define values for these fields that would be assigned to notes just like tags would. Users can then sort by the values they define for their custom fields based on a defined priority. Example:I create a custom field and label it Custom Field and give it the following possible values:VALUE: HIGH ORDER: 1VALUE: MED ORDER: 2VALUE: LOW ORDER: 3 When assigned to notes and then sorted the sort by would use the order for the values as defined by the user. Idea #2: Leverage Tags for Custom SortingAlternatively, you could allow the user to create custom sorts based on their tags. I'm including an example below to outline what I mean. Example:I have the following tags HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW, PERSONAL, UX, PROJECTS, BLOG And 5 Notes: ABC (tagged as LOW, PERSONAL), EFG (tagged as BLOG), HIJ (tagged as HIGH, PERSONAL), KLM (tagged as MEDIUM), and NOP (tagged as HIGH) I create a new sort, and define my sort in the following order and name it "Custom Sort:"HIGH MEDIUM LOWNow when I select Sort by Custom Sort, I would see my notes in the following order:HIJNOPKLMABCEFGYou could even define your sorts by multiple tags:HIGH and BLOG MEDIUM LOWWhich since I have not Notes with both the tags HIGH and BLOG together I would getNOPKLMABCEFGHIJWhile:HIGH or BLOG MEDIUM LOWWould give me:EFGHIJNOPKLMABCAlthough, it would be fun to add secondary, and tertiary means of sorting as well.
  7. Please allow me to print my notes. I don't do it very often, but it's nice to be able to do so when I need to. Possibility for Note Full-Screen View: Possibility for Display w/ Menu and List of Notes view
  8. It is kind of perplexing to me that if I want to get back to the menu from Full-Screen mode I click "Done" on the right-side of the screen, which then open the menu on the left-side of the screen. Seems like an unnecessary amount of cursor movement. Any chance we can either move the "Done" button or add a new button to pull up the menu while in Full-Screen mode? You could even just keep displaying the Evernote logo and move the notebook and tab selection over a bit. Furthermore the use of the wording "Done" implies that I'm actually done, which feels weird if I accidentally start a new note on login and am like "Wait I don't want this." - "Done" feels like I'm saving and putting it away.
  9. This one may be coming (I saw a related comment in an earlier post, but it see, but it looked like it was to just having them available, not making changes to them.) It would be great to allow the creation and editing of Saved Searches. It's great that I can use my existing Saved Searches, but since saved searches are the only way to quickly navigate notes organized by a combination of notebooks and tags not being able to create new ones on the fly is pretty debilitating.
  10. Ditto. Paragraph/Header Styles would be a huge improvement for Web, Desktop, and Mobile.
  11. I like the simplicity of the new UI, but there a few hang ups I've been struggling with. It's slick that the Bulleted List/Checkbox/Paragraph styles collapses, but from a usability perspective it's a pain to basically have to hit what is essentially two clicks every time I'm trying to add a bullet or a checkbox (or copying and pasting the checkbox -.-) This may be less of an issue if hitting a carriage return created a new checkbox or bullet on the new line, but this currently does not happen. In fact, both enhancements, Styles menu always expanded and continuing lists on carriage returns, would be preferred.
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