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  1. Thanks for clarifying why accidental deleting is a problem, it just seems totally backwards to program an extra delete setting like that, when the whole 'stop and prompt' route against the general direction for good UX. Also there is a much simplier and easier way to solve this problem: Re-Map the hotkey command for deleting a note in Mac from Delete to CMD+Delete Done, no accidental deleting, extra settings, or features that now need to be maintained needed. Throw in a "Note has been deleted. Undo" message and it's even better. NOTE: For clarification, I know that as a user you can't re
  2. I have no idea how you keep hitting the delete button... I could see adding a message letting you know that a note was put in the trash and including an "Undo" - that's pretty standard of most modern UXs, but displaying a confirmation everytime I delete would drive me insane.
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