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  1. IPad 8.1.2 losing notes periodically. It seems to happen more when I switch from portrait to landscape, especially If the document is longer. Occurred yesterday while not connected to Internet or possibly low signal. My organization will likely stop using this app if there is no fix soon.
  2. Penultimate 6.0.1 is a significant improvement from 6.0. However, I was using Penultimate on Saturday, November 20, and everything I wrote on a page was erased two separate times; Penultimate crashed and all was erased. It seemed to happen as I neared the bottom of the page in zoom mode. I was just trying out the app so nothing critical was lost; however, if that sort of instability continues, it will be difficult to trust the app for critical work. This was on an iPad Air. I also have noticed that my iPad Air allows me to write in landscape mode or portrait mode while my regular iPad only works in portrait mode. Is this a feature? The drift speed is much better. The return of the multi-page view is very welcome but not yet as functional as before (no page duplication). The writing fidelity has improved but is still sluggish and somewhat non-responsive in zoom mode. The scrolling paper format causes problems if care is not taken to ensure that photos do not break across the page. All writing on the photo is lost when this happens after the app is closed and reopened. I am still having difficulty emailing pdf files due to the size. I take snapshots of forms and paste the photos into Penultimate. I write on the forms while in the field and email the results to myself and others. A six page form with writing on each page, plus three extra pages with embedded photos and writing and three more pages of handwritten notes was previously a total of 5 Megs, the limit for my email server. This same six page form when it is completely blank with no other notes/pages now becomes 15 Megs when converted to pdf. Is there anything that can be done about this? I did find a workaround for emailing my work to myself using iTunes for times when I am in the office or near my laptop: export pdf to iBooks, connect iPad to laptop with iTunes installed, click on iPad icon in iTunes, click on Books under "On My Device", click on the pdf that was exported to iBooks, click "Add to", right click on the file in iTunes, click on Copy and then paste to the desktop or other folder on the laptop. This fix will not help when trying to email notes while in the field. I am not currently paying for Penultimate as we are still testing out the functionality and have not yet decided if this is an app we are willing to commit to. Another user implied that input from non-paying users might not be as valuable as input from paying customers. I wonder if input that helps to improve the product and helps the developers to understand how people use the product could be useful regardless? Thank you very much for working so quickly to improve Penultimate! I am lucky that I won't need to use it in the field much for another month or so and so I hope that things get sorted out by then.
  3. Feedback: I agree with other users regarding the lost or altered features that I am hoping will be improved or returned soon. I have some additional remarks: I use my finger rather than a stylus to write notes (heavy use means that styli wear out too quickly); this worked well with the previous version but now is clumsy. The screen response is considerably slower and cannot keep up with my writing. I find I have to constantly go back over my writing to fill in missing parts of letters. This is especially true when zoomed. The drift function is too fast and the zoom is too large. Variable zoom and drift would be helpful. This could be a deal-breaker: I used to be able to email a pdf of up to 6 or 7 notebook pages with embedded images and the pdf would be under the 5 Meg limit set by my email server. Now I can only email a pdf of a few handwritten pages and the email of the pdf does not reliably send; it seems to get hung up inside the Penultimate App or on the server. I just handwrote a note that says, "This note" and then emailed it to myself. I received a pdf but it was blank lined paper - the note I wrote was not there. I waited about 5 minutes and resent the pdf and it worked. I don't recall needing to synchronize with the server before sending pdf notebook emails in the past; has that been changed? This could also be a deal-breaker: Previously, when I had notebooks that were too big to email all at once, I would break up the notebook into multiple parts and email each part separately. I accomplished this by duplicating the notebook and deleting pages incrementally. I don't see any feature to duplicate notebooks or to delete or duplicate individual pages. If I cannot get my work out of the iPad, then I cannot use this product. The photo enlargement feature on a notebook page is very difficult to control. The previous version allowed individual corners of the photo to be expanded; now a clumsy two finger swoop is necessary. I take screenshots of forms that I then use in the field - I fill in the blanks with handwritten notes.This was a really useful App in the past. Many of the people who previously observed my use of Penultimate are considering buying iPads for work use so they can use it in the same way that I used it. This App is the only reason I use the iPad rather than an iPhone in the field. Thank you for your help!
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