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  1. I had to switch to GoodNotes 4 on the iPad. I couldn't wait for them to add the airplay streaming back into the app. I'm now looking for alternatives to Evernote Premium as well, since GoodNotes doesn't sync with Evernote. I'm seriously considering google keep, since I am already a google apps for business subscriber. This Penultimate debacle combined with the poor UI choices on the new version of the Mac app are leading me to believe it's time to start looking for a new note-taking relationship, as Evernote and I seem to be looking for different things
  2. It was pretty outstanding, all that was mirrored on the AppleTV was the note page, in landscape, if you turned the iPad that way. Nice and clean, like a white background version of what Sal Khan does on Khan Academy. Plus the ability to use graph paper or blank sheets, it was very effective. While presenting, you could zoom in for drawing in more detail on the iPad, while the mirrored page stayed in the full sheet view. I wouldn't mind the always portrait scrolling view that the new version has, but mirroring all of the interface instead of just the note is unacceptable for teaching anything other than how to use the program.
  3. I wanted to request another feature be added back into this new version. I am a teacher and I used to use Penultimate's presentation mode for live interactive whiteboard sessions. I suppose not many people used that function, as I haven't seen any other complaints about it. The older version of Penultimate was the most simple and elegant version of whiteboard display I had found, and it allowed me to then share the notes out with the students. And then, if a question came up and I needed to search for a previous example, I could do that as well. Now, when I use the new version, it is incredibly distracting to students to watch me zoom in and change pen colors, etc. So much so that I can't use it, and have to find an alternative. I am a premium member, up for renewal next month, and you may loose me without some visible effort to address these problems. As I would tell my students, your business decision was based on a faulty analysis of what is important to your customer, and that is a fatal move.
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