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  1. Yes, this kind of thing can eat you alive. It would be really nifty, though, to not have the renderer (of all things) running at 30% when the app is in the background without the window showing. But in the big picture, given the choice of an inefficient Evernote or no Evernote at all, I would choose the inefficient one every time. And maybe they will get around to fixing it at some point.
  2. Yes, that is always tough. I didn't know that this played such a big role in the company's difficulties.
  3. That's interesting - good to know, PinkElephant. The icing on the cake is that the process isn't just consuming resources while the app is being used. No, it is often the #1 process even when Evernote is in the background. For Evernote to say that the framework is based on Chrome and is extremely inefficient is kind of like saying, "math is hard." Yes, sure it is. So you have to sit down and study until you can do it. It's the same with using a particular software framework. If it's not fit for purpose, you have to fix the problem. I would be embarrassed as a developer to deliver anything like this. Yes, Evernote is complex, but it isn't all that complex. There are many apps written by tiny development shops that are outstanding: efficient, stable, and capable at a similar level. Surely Evernote could do this, too. The fact that they don't is because it's their choice.
  4. Last one, I promise! Love the idea of the Minus 100 Points! I should have used that with some of my software projects Tom
  5. Yes, I took some liberties with my use of quotes and I apologize. I did not intend to quote you as saying "it's too hard;" you never did. Instead, my use of quotes was meant to paraphrase. I was synthesizing across the different reasons I had read over the months for why Evernote had not implemented Boolean search. These sounded to me like the "it's too hard" that is best countered by "can do." And since I didn't (don't?) see anything fundamental preventing Boolean search in Evernote, I felt that "too hard" would indeed make it too hard. Again, I mean no offense. To the contrary, I often get myself in trouble when I say "can do:" a software feature often looks simpler before than after implementation, a factory transformation often takes longer than expected, and a task from the "honey do" list usually takes more trips to the Home Despot than expected. Tom
  6. Thanks for your thoughtful response, jefito. That's a very good point, and it depends mightily on how those databases are designed. That makes it difficult for us on the outside to have any opinion on how difficult it is to create the feature - except to reiterate our desire for it. I use Evernote at work, at home, and for play every day as well. And most every day I wouldn't even think of using a Boolean search. There is one day a year, perhaps, where I do need Boolean search (typically on cleanup days). On those days its lack is painful. Yes, we all use work-arounds with temporary tags or notebooks, but they are painful because they are inelegant. Which raises an interesting question: is it worth investing development time to eradicate inelegance? Steve Jobs taught us "Yes," if it is visible to all. As we are experiencing, "Doubtful" if it only matters to a few nuts like me and a few others . Tom
  7. Agree and no offense intended. I just meant to indicate that the algorithm itself is relatively simple. By that I am not addressing other users, but the developers of Evernote. Tom
  8. Well, ONE month of ONE subscriber would not pay for the incremental cost, of course. But that would not be the case if a sufficient number of subscribers were willing to pay more for a sufficiently long time. It is also completely beside the point. The point is that there is real interest, so real that some people would vote for it with their dollars. By contrast, there has been complete silence from Evernote on this topic and a somewhat belittling attitude of "you would stop asking if you only knew how difficult this is" from people who are meant to be ambassadors for Evernote. That is unfortunate. Whenever I hear "it's too hard" I suspect "there is an attitude problem" instead. Creating a proper search algorithm is pretty basic: this is a topic for first or second-year undergraduate computer science students. If the current search algorithm in Evernote really is so impervious to adaptation to a proper Boolean algorithm, then it is likely so fundamentally mis-architected that it should be replaced. If it isn't, then it should be simple to adapt. Backward and downward compatibility should similarly be fairly easy as novice users are rarely aware of Boolean syntax. So - shall we get over the excuses and ask Evernote to prioritize something useful (Boolean search) over things that appear more optional (like cosmetic user interface change) that nonetheless do seem to get done with some regularity? Tom
  9. To "wake up" this thread, I still find true Boolean search an essential - and missing - capability in Evernote. All the work-arounds with temporary tags, other applications, or temporary notebooks (as suggested in other threads on this topic) seem like kludges that should be below the bar of excellence set by Evernote. There has been a lot of talk about how true Boolean search is not in the cards for three reasons: It would be incomprehensible to novice users It would require an onerous level of reworking the search engine It would overtax the serversI am puzzled by all three statements, for the following reasons: Boolean search would be completely transparent to novice users, who would be unlikely to try such a cryptic syntax Boolean search is not that complicated: it's a subject for first-year computer science class. Augmenting the existing syntax with a true Boolean capability (which would merely require grouping) cannot be that onerous I have no idea why true Boolean search would overtax any server. While I don't understand the architecture of Evernote very well, I do know that I can search my notes on any device (desktop or mobile) while not connected to the network; hence search takes place locally. Even with a 100,000 notes that would not make such a long search - and the search would only be long on complicated Boolean statementsSo - can we please, please get true Boolean search implemented soon in Evernote? In the meantime, jbenson2, you made the tantalizing statement below but never showed us how to do this - in particular the second search with the FBI, NSA, or CIA. Would you mind posting that search? Thanks, Tom Not complex enough? Really? I can run these types of queries: Notes that I keep in my Politics notebook that are tagged with regulations or socialism but not conservatism and have the words Lyndon Johnson in the title that were made using Microsoft WordNotes that have FBI, NSA, or CIA in the title and have the tag privacy and are encryptedNotes tagged with work that have things that I need to do this weekShow me tasks that I completed between Nov 30 and Mar 1Show me notes with JPG attachments that I added last year and are not tagged with robots or Skype
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