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  1. Thank you for the update. I know your team probably worked very hard on fixing up the bugs and optimizing the writing. On that front the update is great. I can actually write a note without wanting to throw my iPad against a wall. Most basic functionality seems to be there, so that is good. A few issues persist however. 1. Image resizing is super jank. the pinch gesture doesn't get recognized half the time and then there is crazy lag while the image is reprocessed. (retina iPad mini) 2. rotating paper is laggy as well. 3. two finger scroll is better but still misses the gesture most of the time. A few complaints that will probably go into the "sucks to be you" pile of things that will not be changed: 1. infinite paper is still inferior to page flipping. 2. zoom box still is a step backward in functionality. 3. clearing a page takes 6 taps to complete when it should take at most 3 (tap the eraser button twice then confirm) 4. still cannot change paper styles on a per page basis (whole note only)
  2. I agree with all said here. New version is better than 6.0 but is still light years away from v5. ZOOM BOX IS STUPID!!! it is still a major step backward in usability. Please bring back the old fullscreen zoom. For those interested, the Wacom Bamboo paper app is pretty close to the old penultimate we love and miss. It is missing two key features, but it sounds like they might actually listen to their customers and if enough of us ask they will most likely add them. the two missing features are auto scroll and cut/slice content from your notes. Other than those two things the writing is super fluid and very nice to use, you have individual "pages" that can be switched with a button press. Zooming works great and gives very good control. the IAP for that app is just for some different pins and paint brushes. The default pens they give you mirror what penultimate has always had. You can sync your work with evernote as well. While this may not be a perfect solution, it is so much better than the current version of penultimate.
  3. I completely agree with this thought. It feels like the this version came from the designers, being bored with the old skewmorphic design, and wanting to change everything just for the sake of change. The zoom box is a complete step backward in usability. Even with so called "improvements" to the zoom box it is not going to be as powerful as the full page zoom was. Every other app has a lame zoom box and it is why I don't use them. If they did beta test this version like they claim, it was only with people internal with the company or with people that are not power users.
  4. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not force the zoom box. The full page zoom from v5 was the absolute best and most useful feature. I have tried other apps with these boxes and always came back penultimate because it didn't have such amateur features. These new design "features" make no sense in a sofistcated app such as penultimate. Please listen to your user base and bring back the features that made penultimate so great. I have been using penultimate since it first came out and it has always stood above the rest in terms of quality and features. It is a shame to see one the great ones fall to some misguided attempt to change for the sake of change.
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