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  1. Two issues are now emerging for me from this fiasco: This thread describes in painful detail the lousy technical execution of Penultimate 6.0 in terms of functionality, user experience and brand management, which has basically been downright incompetent, just to put matters in simple language. I had thought Evernote was run by people with two brains, multiple degrees, MBAs and whatnot who would know better than this. Clearly they don't. If Penultimate can be mismanaged so badly, you have to wonder about the safety and sustainability of Evernote itself. I guess any system can go up in smoke so Evernote may be no more or less at risk than others like Dropbox and the like. But how do we know? Anyway, this is a useful reminder about the need for back ups, possibly including a low-tech solution called Pen & Paper.
  2. And there I was thinking I'm the only muppet who can't figure out Penultimate 6.0. So in addition to everyone else's frustrations, I'd like to add: When I sync to Evernote only the subject header syncs - not the actual handwritten text. ?!@#$!A couple of Penultimate notebooks seem to have disappeared.When I deleted some notebooks, the corresponding Evernote notebook also disappears but the contents go into Trash. What is the point of that? Ridiculous!Time for a major UPDATE please
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