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  1. To anyone at Evernote/Penultimate: Please explain the business reason about why you refuse to allow your customers to go back to the old version of Penultimate? This makes absolutely no sense. Your customers are screaming for the change and you're losing customer loyalty (let alone revenue?). We got the note in which you indicated "we screwed up" and you're working on fixing it, but that was months ago and no one thinks the new version comes close to the old one. PS: 'going dark' and being unresponsive isn't great for customer relations either.
  2. Please, please give us back the old version! The new one is still a disaster. It's not intuitive to use and it recently 'crashed' in the middle of taking notes which resulted in losing half of what I had written. If it's not reliable it's not usable.
  3. dear penultimate: Why would you ever eliminate a feature like this? It's the one thing that differentiates this from paper! PLEASE listen to your users and go back to the old version until you get this one fixed! How is stubbornly forcing users to frustratingly work with something that doesn't work well enhancing you brand? Stop being stupid!
  4. I agree. Please just reinstate the old version. The current version is literally unusable.
  5. Your new update is very difficult to use. Some quick examples: a) Search pages: you used to be able to see small thumbnails of all the pages in a book so you could quickly flip thru and find what you wanted, but I can't figure out how to do this Search pages: how do you search for text within a specific notebook only? c) Navigate: if you're in the middle of a notebook how do you quickly get to the end to start writing new notes? d) Cut & Move: is the feature still available? This was a huge benefit! I hope these features are still here and I'm just not seeing how to execute. If not, when designing your next version please take a more 'human centered' approach that focuses more on the needs of the user and less on design aesthetics.
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