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  1. Like others I have never posted here and am doing so because it was so painfully obvious that something terrible has happened. And because there was no way to provide feedback via the app (dumb) and no ticket generating system (also dumb) I am forced to the forums where angry voices go unheard. I'm a student (in computer science none the less and I could make a better app than this) and heavily use this app to take notes. I have gone near completely paperless and that is very much so because of the app. Until it was updated. To put it in short this app is no longer useable. There are so many obvious bugs is disgraceful to think fellow programmers released such a buggy build. This app is broken plain and simple. But what's really disappointing is the new design, functionality has been replaced with visual eye candy and that is again disgraceful for any designer. It's like you guys are trying to be Notability and somehow concluded that being a worse version of Notability so long as you look a little sleeker and minimalistic. I need this app to be fixed. Now. I have finals coming up and I can't deal with this bullshit. Fix it.
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