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  1. Evernote is driving me up the wall! In Evernote I see only some resemblance of my lost notes in Penultimate. I consciously did not update, and now you are f***ing with my notes anyway. Can I be the master of my own iPad and my own Apps in the way I want?! Without forcing me into software I don't need and didnt ask for?!
  2. Sorry, it's about Penultimate, which I had replaced with the old, not updated version in December. After a few weeks it started telling me, that my notebook was too large, and that I should start a new one! I am definitely stopping with Penultimate. Unless I get a reply from Evernote explaining what this is all about!
  3. Bought a new iPad today, had a backup on my MacBook, put it all back on my new iPad, and have lost all notebooks. Where are they?
  4. Can you please get one thing in your mind, evernote? I, and all the other disgruntled users have selected penultimate because it fits what I do, and I they do it. In the pre-buying selection process `I had tested many note-keeping apps, and penultimate turned out to be the best to my needs. Like separate pages (I sometimes present direct from my notes in penultimate), thumbnail pages which you can sort like slides, etc If I, or the other posed-off users, would like something else, I would have selected another app alltogether to start with. So give me back what the old penultimate does, and make minor bugs-repair or alterations to BASICALLY the functions that made me select penultimate. Can you ask me before an update, and not do it out of your own accord. Can you help me get back the lost notes?
  5. I'm furious! I did exactly what was described here to get old penultimate back, but didn't get the last 2 years of notebooks. Great disappointment, evernote! You are messing with my work!
  6. I had selected penultimate from many alternative apps, because it fitted the way I work. All of a sudden I get something with the new version which doesn't fit in at all. Have you at evernote not understood the basic app principles?
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