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  1. 6.0.1 is an improvement from 6.0, but still not better than 5.3.1. Here are some concerns: - Drift is faster and I'm having to raise my Adonit JotPro several times to make it stop so I can keep writing. It would be nice if the speed could be adjustable. - Recognition and sensibility on the screen still has problems: there is delay, sometimes I write and what I'm writing doesn't appear on the page, my handwriting is much bulkier and sometimes non-readable. I use the Adonis JotPro and the experience used to be much smoother. - I'm having more "accidental" dots with my palm than I used to. - The erasing on the Zoom is too large, basically the same size than on the regular page. Which makes it impossible to erase a small detail. - When you cut a good size note (A large paragraph or two) and try to relocate it, it is virtually impossible. There is delay and non-response. Hope this helps to keep improving.
  2. Please DO NOT UPGRADE. The new App is horrible! Useless! I hope Evernote reads this forums and take action.
  3. I wish I would have read this earlier.. The new App is completely useless... I can't believe how a team can ***** up a great product like this. I have the Adonis Jot Pro and it used to work GREAT.. Now I can't even write one word. The cool zoom is now horrible... I'm so depressed I don't know what to do. If you are reading this you are probably too late (like me) but please call your friends and family and advise them NOT TO UPGRADE!
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