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  1. Jefito: the PDF can be opened on my PC, so at least on my PC it is not corrupted. I imported the file to Evernote on my PC, so i think it's the original imported file... so the file got corrupted when sync to the server? Can this actually happen? And I tried different apps opening the PDF, still no luck.... ScottLougheed: no it is not encrypted...
  2. Hello, I am starting to work on my paperless system with Evernote premium. It has been going well except one problem. A PDF file can be opened successfully with Evernote on my PC, but when I try to open the same file on my Android phone or my iPad, it can't be opened, mentioning "file is not a valid PDF". This problem only happens to one particular PDF file out of the manys in my database so far. I wonder if anyone encountered such a problem before? What caused this and how it can be avoided? What I am worrying now is the other PDF files in my database... and also the reliability of using Evernote to store my database containing many PDFs
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