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  1. Installed Good Notes yesterday and very happy so far. A bit different and less intuitive than Penultimate 5 but even a stone tablet and chisel would be better than Penultimate 6.
  2. Thanks for all the tips. I hope Evernote take note of how their improvements have created a flood of people into alternative apps. I'm a professional brand consultant to large multinationals and the first thing any company needs to understand is that they DON'T own their brand... they own their product. The brand and it's equity only exist in their customer's heads... so ignore what they think and want at your peril. Nice move Evernote... way to trash a great brand.
  3. I agree with you totally. I just registered for the forum only so I can reply to your post. Penultimate was the most used of all my iPad apps. It did everything I wanted it to. Today I was in an important client meeting and when I opened the app it was unusable. I even had to ask my client for a note pad and pen and you can imagine how professional that made me feel. How can any business think that completely changing an app then giving no instructions on how to use it is in any way sensible. I can only think that its simply to encourage us to sign on to a 'free account' which no doubt will lead to $$$ somewhere down the track. I don't even object to paying a fee... I certainly value the app enough to make it justified. But I won't use an app that apparently now only works effectively if all my notes get stored on Evernote's cloud server. There is too much sensitive information in my notes and I don't care what companies say about the security of their servers... having the info in the cloud just creates one more security vulnerability. On principle I won't sign on because of the underhanded, unprofessional and downright sly way they've gone about this. Not to mention embarrasing me in front of important clients. I'll be deleting penultimate from my iPad and going back to paper and pen until I find an alternative app. You guys (Evernote) SUCK!
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