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  1. I am looking for an answer to this question, as well. I am testing custom paper designs and have a few I want to delete. I thought if I created a new custom paper and named it the same as a previous one, it would replace the old one. Not so. Now I have multiple "deleteme" papers. Evernote development went to the trouble to support adding papers. Is deleting them more difficult?
  2. I agree with everyone. This is a downgrade. ALL of the functionality I came to rely on – on a daily basis – is now gone. This upgrade is unusable for the way I need to use it. Once, I paid for another note taking app, which came highly recommended, but abandoned it for my trusty, tried-and-true Penultimate. Now, it is no more. I stopped using Evernote some time ago, because its "improvements" over time, made it less and less usable. It looks like the same UI genius that ruined Evernote has done the same to Penultimate. Ever hear of usability testing? From the amounts of negative comments posted for this "upgrade", I'd find it hard to believe that many (if any) Penultimate users sent feedback suggesting that all those great features be removed. Hopefully, Evernote will 1) listen to us users, 2) fire whomever presided over this disaster, and 3) make the previous version available in the App Store. I'd really rather use Penultimate.
  3. I agree enthusiastically with all of the comments. With all my years of software UI testing experience, I scratch my head and wonder – did anyone at Evernote, in any meeting, suggest, "Why don't we just change the color and maybe the icons, and leave everything pretty much as it is, functionally?" This version is a giant leap backward. Before, when I wanted to get around the pages in a notebook, I tapped the thumbnails icon, found my page, and double-tapped. Now it's scroll up, up, up, up...oops, too far...scroll down, down, etc. Very clunky. When I wanted to erase something, I tapped on the eraser icon and errased. Now, I have to expand the toolbar, then select eraser. Yes, I know it's only one extra step. The point is – Evernote made using Penultimate harder to use, which is the opposite goal of any upgrade. At least I didn't waste money for it. It's a shame. Word to the wise: Turn off automatic updating. Review updates before installing.
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