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  1. I'm still trying to use your terrible update. Here's a list of issues I am still facing, if you aren't going to rollback to the last stable release (5.3.1) then please fix these issues: 1) App crashes REGULARLY causing loss of pages worth of notes (this is a show stopper for using the app at all). Perhaps try and sync a delta ever new line or at least every page 2) Zoom mode is still terrible - auto play starts scrolling before you even write which has the not so nice effect of causing a mild panic while you desperately trying and remember what you were writing (yes it stops after a short scroll but the initial scroll is immensely distracting, please remove it) 3) The zoom box fails to function near the end of page. You get a black box and need to scroll of the page join (almost a pixel hunt) to get the pom box to function 4) The overall feel of writing is much more difficult, I am not sure why this is. Were there "shake" correction algorithms in 5.3.1 that were abandoned in the rewrite - overall the writing experience is much worse. Here's a couple of suggestions that I feel would improve the app 1) Make the infinite page scroll or traditional page flip a configurable setting (you don't seem to handle the page join well anyway - so why have an infinite scroll if it doesn't actually work?? Fixing the glaring bugs above and returning the option of notebook feel would placate a lot of folks) 2) Make the zoom mode configurable for those who liked the way it worked in 5.3.1 3) Implement pen types One thing that works well now I've played with it is the notebooks and notes nesting - that is actually better so kudos for that. Overall, you really need to listen to and actively interact with your user community a whole lot more. You really have gone to the trenches over the whole 6.0 release. I don't know what your development processes are but seriously look at implementing changes because this whole debacle has got to be hurting. I'm off to use Notes Plus again until you release 6.0.3 and I can trust that your app won't crash causing lost notes.
  2. Hi guys, I loved version 5.3, I showed everyone I could and I was an advocate of your product for years. I was very disappointed with 6 and almost afraid to use it. I have given 6.0.1 a solid go and after 3 days of frustration I have downloaded all my notes, moved my Penultimate app to a bucket folder and switched to Notes Plus (Not a decision that gives me any joy I assure you, it is almost as imperfect as your most recent version but it is more dependable - honestly I am happy with neither app). If you cannot go back to 5.3 functionality you are going to have to accept that you are going to lose many loyal users permanently. I'll wait to hear another announcement before deleting your app but as of now I am no longer using your app - it simply does not do what I want it to do. I leave you with this thought, "customer expectations define good customer experience, not product management" - Scott Thomson Best wishes, Scott
  3. Hi guys, Please listen to the real live user feedback you are seeing on these threads - this release is a fail - please rollback or rerelease 5.3 and support it in parallel. Just so you know, my feedback on your usability post is as follows: 1) I was fine with not being able to access my other evernote notes, I can do that through Evernote 2) Having notebooks and flipping through pages was a good, familiar experience, if I wanted to scroll I could always use Evernote (in fact I really don't like the infinite scroll feature in Evernote) 3) Having buttons was good, gestures are what my 3 year old will be good at - you are putting your community through change management for the sake of change 4) The full page zoom was excellent, it was the feature I showed to most new users, I converted several people from Notes Puls/INKredible due to the full page zoom feature By way of comparison, you might want to look at how Notes Plus handled even small changes in user experience by releasing the new changes as a separate production app. As a whole, I feel you have fallen victim to one very strong designer's or high ranking manager's opinion - you might wish to choose who you'd rather support at this point, those people or your users. In future I recommend you test all new features in the community before making wholesale changes. Never take one person's word for anything when it comes to user experience, the only way to be sure is to test. Thanks for taking the time to read. Cheers, Scott
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