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  1. I have Evernote Premium but I've just found reference to this problem from someone else and it seems to have something to do with the Mac indexing rather than the pdf.
  2. I have this problem too. If the pdf was OCR'ed by my scanner before saving to Evernote it seems to be searchable on my Mac, but if not, it's searchable on my iPad but not the Mac!
  3. Hi, I use a scanSnap scanner and have always had it set to make searchable pdf's. Somehow the setting got changed and now i've done a heap of scanning to just plain pdf. From what I've read EN should make them searchable anyway but this is not happening. I can't select text in the pdf like I usually can and when I search for text within the pdf it doesn't find it. Help! How do I make them searchable? Thanks.
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