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  1. So, it's been a couple weeks now and still radio silence from Evernote. I was trying to be patient, but at this point I've more or less given up on ever seeing my favorite app return to something useful. Well, looks like I'm switching to GoodNotes. I hate to do it, but there's not much other choice and it doesn't appear Evernote has any plans to fix this disaster. Nor have they given any real response since that initial lip service attempt to save face. Look at the review status: 4 stars to 1 star in just one version update. If that doesn't raise red flags, then they have their eyes shut and ears stoppered. For shame, Evernote team.
  2. First off, I gotta say I was not willing to install this update on my actual work iPad after the debacle that was 6.0. Instead, I waited till I got back to the office this morning and tried it on one of our test devices instead. Evernote, I am so disappointed. These minor appeasement updates to the app still do nothing to return it to its former glory, unfortunately. The format is still toilet paper roll. Seriously, guys--nobody wants to write this way. We abandoned the "scroll" format in the Middle Ages, with good reason. I just don't understand why they think we want this. The page breaks are *****, too. It takes a lot of delicate scrolling with the poorly executed two-finger scroll to get a full page centered properly. And since the page break line looks exactly like the zoom box line, it makes the already unpleasant zoom box system even more confusing. And let's talk about that zoom box again. The whole concept is bad. The split screen is jarring and hard to look at. When you zoom in, the zoom box doesn't necessarily start where your fingers were. And lining it up properly is a major pain in the rear. And while it's nice that Drift finally STOPS when you stop, it still runs way too fast. I write in cursive. All my words are unnaturally stretched out because it scrolls too quickly. By the way, the two-finger scroll is STILL stupid. It leaves marks all over the page and is simply ridiculous. Why on earth wouldn't you do a "next page" button like you had before? Idiotic. The "page tray" seems like a last ditch sort of effort. But it's still useless, since you can't re-arrange the pages like you could previously. And, unlike the good version of the app, it's no longer in a grid. So notebooks with large page counts are still difficult and time consuming to navigate. And who in the heck thought it was a good idea to put the "Clear Page" feature there?! What was once a simple doubletap on the erase button, you now have to make three steps to clear, drilling through multiple menus, and then three more steps to get back to your work. The original app was a delight to use... seamless, intuitive, and smooth to use--not to mention visually appealing. This version is STILL clunky and awkward--causing the user to have to fight with the app, rather than have the app work for them. The UX is frustrating and time consuming, putting up roadblocks between the user and the result desired. Why? Why would you do that? To make it "pretty"? Making an app so counter-intuitive is bad business, especially when you have so many professional and corporate users relying upon it. It's looking like I'm going to either have to change to another app or go back to using paper notebooks again. I'm still using 5.3.1 on my actual iPad, since I rolled it back after the initial 6.0 update, but I can only imagine that Evernote will likely make things incompatible with it as time goes on. I suppose I can go back to Bamboo Paper, but if I have to switch apps I definitely won't be renewing my annual Evernote Premium subscription. No reason to if they're going to handle my data so sloppily and foist these sub-par apps on us. I gotta say, my trust in Evernote has really taken a hit with this mess. It's worth noting that, in the time since the initial update came out, I've spent about $25+ on competitor's apps trying to find something else to use if I have to replace Penultimate. That's money I could have spent on Evernote products (and would rather have done so), but did not. We, your customers, are making our thoughts known in big, neon flashing letters. If you can't see that and take appropriate action, you're going to lose us.
  3. I tried Note Taker HD for a while, didn't like the interface. Too complicated. Purchased Noteshelf after this debacle, but didn't like the zoom box. Also, seemed like there was much less writing real estate available.. so I couldn't fit as much writing per page. Before using Penultimate, I was using Bamboo Paper. So far, that's the best alternative for me.. most comparable to the proper Penultimate experience. If I hadn't been able to roll back Penultimate, I'd be using Bamboo Paper now. Nevertheless, I'm keeping it available in the wings in case Evernote doesn't address the issues with Penultimate v6 in the longterm. Although, I may try Goodnotes and see how that turns out too.
  4. Chiming in with the unhappy users here. Made the mistake of updating while I was at the office. I even hesitated a moment when I saw the completely restyled icon, knowing that it was a harbinger of potential iOS8 style blunders. Should have trusted my instincts. Thankfully, I was able to roll back to the previous version via iTunes when I got home from work. Of course, after rolling back, I'm now unable to download all the previous paper types again for some reason. But thankfully, after an exceedingly long sync time, all my notebooks came back successfully. That's more important to me than the paper styles. I gotta say... this update rendered this app completely unusable. Who in their right mind thought this toilet paper scroll was a good idea?! I have multiple notebooks with 100s of pages in each one--all meeting notes and diagrams and such. Trying to find specific pages with the horrible two finger scroll was pretty much impossible. Not to mention that it only worked sporadically and left streaks across the paper most of the time. What the heck was wrong with having actual, normal pages? And the thumbnail view which allowed you to swiftly and easily locate the info you were looking for? The loss of notebook titles was extremely disorienting. Although, I was able to figure out how to bring the notebook titles back, that did nothing to fix the overall horrendous UX in this update. The zoom window? What a stupid idea. One of the main reasons I went with Penultimate over numerous other apps was because it did a natural zoom that didn't split the screen into weird ways. And the speedy-scroll that went with that little zoom box? I consider myself a quick writer, but even I couldn't keep up with that! Drift was a great feature that set Penultimate apart from lesser apps. Why destroy that? Penultimate is the app that got me to use Evernote and prompted me to actually pay for a Premium subscription, too. I've convinced dozens of my coworkers and colleagues to adopt it as well, after showing them how natural and practical the app was. Now, however, I'm contemplating going back to using Bamboo Paper again if these issues aren't resolved. Very disappointed. Left a negative review in the app store, too. I'd be more than willing to rescind that review and write a glowing, positive one if Evernote addresses these issues in a timely, expedient, and thorough fashion, though.
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