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  1. I've been using Goodnotes for the last 10 days- it does include hand righting recognition and search. It can even convert handwrifhting into typed text. Sees like my handwriting needs to be a little better than in Penultimate 5.3 to find words, but it's pretty good. Goodnotes syncs as PDFs to Dropbox and has a notebook structure like Penultimate 5.3 so I'm content with the change. Now I just have to convert 250+ Penultimate notebooks to PDF archive before accidentally letting Penultimate update to 6.1. I keep checking back here because I'd love to avoid that process...but now it looks like I'll delete Penultimate and Evernote once I'm done archiving so I can go back to auto update on my other apps.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion of Notability. Bought it and will try it out until Penultimate is in a usable form again. I'm afraid that Penultimate is a lost cause since they seem to think the Evernote integration trumps the features that most of us bought it for- we liked Notebooks with Pages- that simple!!! So far I like the level of drawing detail with Notability- actually much better than Penultimate. Kept trying more features in Notability...maybe I should think Evernote for ruining Penultimate, starting to think I like the other options better. The clock is ticking on Penultimate...act fast to make it look like notebooks with pages, tell us you understand that you screwed up (right now it feels like you are blaming the users/customer, and make it a product I can trust as a core part of my business process. 11.23 Update: I've tried a few more note taking apps ( would have happily spent that $10-15 to keep old Penultimate) and have settled on Goodnotes. So far it's even better then Penultimate 5.3...the only thing I liked better about 5.3 was it's thumbnail view of pages. Goodnotes seems to strike that just right balance between simplicity and options. I really like the PDF sync with Dropbox. Any suggestions for the best way to import Penultimate files into it? Currently all my Penultimate 5.3 files are synced as .pen files to my Dropbox.
  3. It's going to be really hard to trust Evernote and Penultimate after this. How will we ever trust that the next update won't ruin years of notes? Do we all turn off auto-updates and and wait a few weeks before maunaully updating to make sure each update isn't this bad? I think the only chance to keep long time users will be a very quick response and true understanding of why this was such a bad update. It's a full acknoweledgement that this wasn't an issue of bugs or a handful of features that users didn't like- it was a wholesale shift to a new product that had a very different UI and functionality than why users had bought Penultimate. We liked notebooks, we liked pages. We bought Penultimate becuase it worked with how we took notes, how we did business, and how we wanted information stored. I fundementaly seems like the new Penultimate was designed for a different user than those who currently use the app. I imagine that many users are like me and Penultimate was one of the cornerstone apps that really brought value to their iPad. Most of us were true evangelist for the product....showing it to every friend or coworker that bought a new iPad. I can't imagine how any new features (that we didn't ask for) or better integration with Evernote could ever outweight the PR nightmare of alienating your biggest fans. I really hope this gets turned around quick becuase I really like the app (version 5.3!) and it's been a crucial part of my workflow for more almost 2.5 years (275 notebooks, 5-100 pages each). Thank goodness my iPad is still on iOS 7 (mainly becuase it's so full with Penultimate notes) and I dodged this disasterous "upgrade". Still, there is only a short window of time to turn things around (and regain trust) before I switch to an alternate solution.
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