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  1. Hello everyone, This is probably not a viable long term solution for most people (including myself unfortunately) as most people use mobile or desktop clients for Evernote. It's also unfortunate (as far as I can tell) that the color themes available for iOS are not available for Android users (or Windows for that matter). For users of the Evernote web interface, another possible solution exists (until Evernote adds support themselves hopefully in the near future). One could use the Chrome extension "Deluminate" which works surprisingly well, not just with Evernote, but almost every website I have come across. It is extremely easy to enable and disable as needed, as well as to manipulate the way it renders websites (including seamlessly inverting their images in a way that actually looks good most of the time). It's far superior to any similar extensions I have come across in the past. Firefox has similar options ("Color Toggle"), though so far I have not found one that works quite as well as Deluminate on Chrome. I hope this helps. [ https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/deluminate/iebboopaeangfpceklajfohhbpkkfiaa?hl=en-US ]
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