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  1. Hi All, I would like to share with You (and Evernote development team) my method to manage checklists, as I think it might be a nice new feature for future Evernote releases. When I create a checklist, make a percentage to track my progress (as Kindle book when reading, displays the percentage of read pages). ----------------------------------------- Example note for checklist -0% ----------------------------------------- -task 1 -task 2 -task 3 -... -task n 0/n -0% ----------------------------------------- Then as I am progressing through the list and ticking checkboxes, the percentage calculation changes: ----------------------------------------- Example note for checklist -42% ----------------------------------------- -task 1 DONE -task 2 DONE -task 3 -... -task n 2/n -42% ----------------------------------------- So, it would be fantastic a new feature if Evernote get the total of checkboxes in a note, and make the calculation 'checkboxes ON / total checkboxes', displaying this as a percentage. Then personally I use these labels below to tag my checklist notes: 0% >1% >20% >40% >60% >80% Done Please have a look at this note link, to figure out how I use my method: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s346/sh/8fd9b92f-48db-4133-8cc2-7a7d9ea5374f/c8e575c9c9e5c31833a77ec82796d37e Hope this is helpful to anyone! Cheers Pedro
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