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  1. Indeed. I start to consider migrate to another software/app for my multi device notes. Still no enough options. For example: I would like also be able to sort each NOTEBOOK for date or name separately. Actually when is set out for one, it changes all!!
  2. Hi Robertv. It seems ONENOTE is a good app (talking about Android version) Also the navigation menu seems more logical. In evernote it's fine but in some way it's trick me. I like the new improvement adding different contrast and smooth scroll/swipe but, as example, I would like to have an option to hide the "recent notebooks" and as home page "notebook" instead "all notes" Yet, a background color/texture would be a excellent improvement for many. Thanks
  3. I'm using ListOn Shopping list for my grocery. Btw is a great app, simple to use. The background has a texture kinda "old paper" yellowish. This makes much more user friendly read the text. I'd be very happy if evernote team will implement something similar soon. Thanks
  4. A color or a light texture would make everything look better and relief for the eyes
  5. Hi All. Ever-note is a great App. It would be useful (as in Google Keep) have this option. Set a default color or preset background texture. Please EverNote team, add this features. Thanks.
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