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  1. Apple Pencil works seamlessly and really well - use it all the time with Evernote on iPad
  2. Do you work for Evernote? i don't see any comments explanations or interventions here from Evernote. Just a paying customer wanting functionality that matters with little time to find obscure methods of interacting with Evernote tweets get attention Ranting? Really? Requesting improvements Ranting?
  3. It won't matter where you post it Evernote aren't listening or don't care read above string for years i suggest you keep tweeting them publicly then maybe they will notice
  4. Evernote will lose their lead - it's a shame. Such a good App and have got many people in my companies using it. the reality is the UI is dated and the the UX still 'OK' but not blistering. When they stop listening like this for such a simple thing then they are losing it. The UI design needs a refresh and the green colour an update but really really have they not worked out we have all gone to mobile and this tiny tiny text in the old fashioned Font ant size 494 or whatever it is . . . Come on Evernote get Real stop trying to sell us bags and tee shirts and drag your core business into this century
  5. When and where was this? Some point in the last 5 years or so? I have even tried tweeting them and no response.
  6. For years now we haven't been able to change text sizes on iPhones and iPads. So I guess the people at Evernote are all PC and Android users or they too would find this extremely limiting. You would think that they would say something about this - but no - deafening silence. If you contact many App teams especially by Twitter you get a response. With Basecamp it's almost instant. Evernote - nothing. Nada, total silence. So little point in this post other than wasting some time I suppose.
  7. I also don't use Evernote anymore to create notes on my iPhone as the font is too small to be useful. Dropbox has some new features that make note taking good. Google docs is also a solution. Evernote is great for clipping stuff and great for photos of notes but ironically rubbish for taking notes on the phone!
  8. Evernote don't listen - if they bother to read this or look at Twitter then they are plain rude. Honestly this is such a basic oversight Come on Evernote at least have the good grace to tell us you are technically not able or something? or just say "whilst you mugs keep paying we will ignore you" is it really that hard to speak to your customers?
  9. Still no response from Evernote. I am a Premium user and have used Evernote for years. Have tweeted them to no avail. Absolute blind indifference to customers that is a dangerous place to be for any business 'But I guess you only have to look at the business to see how they are falling behind. No one could accuse them of being close to their customers. Just scroll up!
  10. Come on Evernote this is crazy! it reduces the functionality of the App by 80% i am a huge fan - an Evernote evangelist even and a Premium User of course but this leaves me seriously inconvenienced and embarrassed that my colleagues just laugh at the crappy UX! typing this on my iPhone 6 Plus it's just not convenient for note taking and calling up agendas in meetings etc suprisex not to see a response from Evernote on here? Isn't that a little rude?
  11. When the Penultimate software was updated I was very hopeful, but this really isnt a great experience. It constantly switches off in mid word. The scrolling can randomly speed up or leap to the top left corner of the note. I have read thru everything here and tightened everything - new batteries (which last no time!) , checked the 'ear' connecter and eased it out a bit for better connection. Sometimes the green light stays on - sometimes not. The worst thing for me is it is just not reliable enough to make notes with whilst on the phone or in meetings The one thing that does seem to help sometimes is having adonit logo facing me (right handed) - bizarre I know You would think that adonit - Penultimate and Evernote would do better and looking at the streams of disatisfaction on here I am very disappointed in Evernote. They responded so well with putting hands up and sending out new version of Penultimate quickly after the disastrous launch of dodgy version. But they need to keep the improvement work going and COMMUNICATE with customers.
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