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    I don't mingle Penultimate and Evernote so this initial screen is confusing to me and doesn't add value. The iced-over window effect is apt because I feel there's a useless layer obscuring my view. It is not evident what gesture gets it out of the way or penetrates it. See, I'm not sure what to do with the dang thing except it's in my way.


    This tight integration with Evernote detracts from Penultimate. If I wanted to see an Evernote Note, I would go to Evernote, no? When I go to Penultimate, I want to resume or create a new note. You've complicated that activity and made it several unintuitive taps away.



    ...is the caption of the second screen shot running down the right of your side-by-side comparison. What plus? There is no plus on this screen!



    Wrong-headed. I've got a thought to get down. I'm in a hurry. I can change the paper any time. Don't make me think about it now.



    Did this come at the expense of non-jot script writing because the stroke recognition is very poor. It's delayed and inarticulate. I already have a Pencil by 53 and I'm not buying your stylus. Restore the grace in which it formerly recognized my finger-stroke.



    I thought it was a brilliant, elegant and uncluttered solution to granting magnification without losing a sense of place. And you accomplished it without adding a single box/boundary/object or restricting my writing space! It is what sold me on your product. It wasn't a "weird overlay," it was a subtle underlay. I could write unencumbered and focus my gaze to the underlay only when I needed a frame of reference. Now I'm in a box that I cannot escape. No, I don't need constant feedback about where I am in relation to the page.



    I don't need to repeat here how lovely it was in version 5 and how unrelenting and treadmilly it is here. It honestly gives me anxiety - like a conveyor belt I can't keep up with.


    There are so many things about v6 that: 

    • make you have to stop and think and recall
    • intrude upon the flow from head to hand to "paper"
    • make you fight with the app (like the scroll)
    • just plain reminds you that it's there. v5 got out of your way.

    WHICH IS WHY YOUR BOAST OF DISTRACTION-FREE IS SO PUZZLING. You removed the one toolbar I needed easy, frequent access to. Regarding this new button bar:

    • Five of 10 buttons are ends of something and look too similar to distinguish themselves.
    • Every button is within a circle, again making them indistinguishable.
    • The only indicator of what button is active is the circle is a teeny bit darker which is even less discernible when it floats above my workspace.
    • Changing color and thickness is now two operations instead of one.
    • When did a check in the upper right mean "go to home." No! It's a home glyphicon in the upper left. Conform to user expectations.

    Far from being a distraction, the toolbar was an anchor and an affordance that made sense. In departing from skeumorphic design you have taken away elements that ground the user. Okay you removed the saddle stitching that bound this virtual notebook but you also took away flipping through pages.

    "How to exit a notebook: To exit the current notebook, tap the notebook at the top of the screen."
    No, that changes the paper. So, so frustrating. The fact that such an essential activity has to be addressed in an FAQ should tell you something.
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  2. Rats. This tells me you're doubling down on this abomination. Your side-by-side comparison is snarky, insulting, and alienating more users. 


    This debacle moved from being about technology to revealing how you regard your customer base. You are dismissive, uncommunicative, arrogant and stubborn.


    You're about to be a business school case study - make it for the right reasons. 

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