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  1. actually it *WAS* in the trash 1: scanning the list didn't allow me to find the note title I was looking for 2: search didnt find the contents of the note, nor the title 3: re-ordering the trash to put newest MODIFIED date at the top (rather than create date) *DID* bubble my deleted note to the very top! :) I also found that if I ever accidently overwrite 1 note, that i find i need to retreive an *OLD* version of................. Then answer to the post is (potentially?) UPGRADING TO Premium...... which seems like some kind of data kidnapping but anyway "Several times per day, Evernote makes a copy of any notes in your account that have changed since the last time the system checked. Premium users can view and download this note history." Does this begin on Day 1 of premium, or is it the "several times a day" COPYING happening already for us freeloaders? i love to learn. So i can better protect my important data. many thanks,
  2. one note is missing. it isn't in trash. maybe i overwrote an important note with garbage. how can i get back my important info??
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