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  1. I'm afraid that since Evernote clearly have no intention of catering for the needs of their customers (i.e. nearly everyone wanted the old version back), I have already jumped ship to goodnotes, since I need an app like this so badly for work. Going for a week (and longer) with such an awful botch job just wasn't an option. You shouldn't be trying to make the best of a bad situation, you should be answering the needs of your customers
  2. If you are looking for something more like what the older version used to be, NOTE MOKA seems to work in a very similar way with the note taking, writing capabilities, adding pictures, turning pages... A suitable alternative whilst Evernote sort out the shambles that v6 is.
  3. This update is just not ready for release. I can't believe it was approved for release. It is awful. Writing is just nowhere near as accurate or responsive. Titles on the notes are gone so I have no idea which notes are which. The highlighter is a great idea, but again just not ready. I preferred turning pages, scrolling is a pain in the backside. Removing the zoom and automatic panning was one of the worst ideas for the update. I used the older version for work and it was incredibly useful. I can't use the updated version for work. It just isn't good enough. Put the original version back on for download. I will not be using this version and will use other apps until it is sorted out.
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