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  1. There is a sort of solution for searchable notes in Bamboo paper, even though not direct. You can save notebooks to Evernote in pdf format. Evernote makes them searchable. You have then to switch to the Evernote app to search them.
  2. After more of 300 Penultimate notes in the last year, most of them synced to Evernote, I spent 24 hours trying to find a good alternative to the last Penultimate upgrade. I've tried Notes Plus, Goodnotes, Notability, Noteshelf, Zoom Notes, etc. but in the end I decided for Bamboo Paper. Here is why. I need - a simple note taking app, - - with the most used commands just in an easy place to reach (change color or point, cancel a word or delete the entire page); - - with a large page for my handwritten notes. I'm not used to write in the zoom window, as I often need to make links on the same page between two different sentences and I draw on the whole page; - a good palm recognition, as I usually rest my hand on the screen to have a clearer writing (Bamboo is the only one I can use even with a normal Jot Pro, without bluetooth connections, getting a perfect writing without any other sign on the page); - high speed in the ink flow; - connection with email and dropbox or evernote (it is not synced but I can easily send to dropbox either the complete memo or single pages of it); - import images or photos. - see the single pages of the memo and work on them separately I know it has no voice recording (neither Penultimate), but I use CaptureAudio, which can place bookmarks during the recording and can sync with dropbox. I must say that it palm recognition is even better than the old Penultimate...
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