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  1. I don't have the original on my computer or my ipad. SIGH. I hate the new Penultimate.
  2. Quick Question -- when you delete the app on your device, are all of your notebooks / settings lost?
  3. I have gone through the trouble of finding this forum, logging on, creating an account, all for one purpose -- to register my disapproval and disappointment at this upgrade. Did you consult your users before you did this? I don't really have anything to add about the features that are now missing (turning pages, moving notebooks, moving pages around, etc. etc.) When I used the old penultimate in meetings, people would stop me and ask what app I was using, look at the notebooks, and literally write down the name of the app and download it in front of me. NO MORE. Because all of the features that made this so usable / intuitive for use in meetings, etc. are gone. I have just finished downloading all of the other apps I purchased when I first went searching for a good notetaking app... and I'm going to now have to find a default choice. YOU HAVE RUINED PENULTIMATE. fred
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