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  1. I agree - an improvement - but still not the old Penultimate. The 'thumbnail tray' needs to allow all the points above.
  2. This is the first time ever that I've written a comment on a forum, and I am doing it to add my voice to the expression of disappointment regarding the Penultimate upgrade. A brilliantly useful app, with the thumbnail view of pages that could be easily re-arranged has now gone. A key reason why many people liked the app was because it was just like a note book with pages, and not an MS Word document that you scroll through, and through. Lots of features seem to have just disappeared, if they haven't, then where is the 'help' button to help us find them. I echo the call to bring back the 'old' superior Penultimate notebook, or run both versions. If not I will also look to place a poor app review (again something I will not have tried to do before) just before I seek another Notebook app.
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