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  1. Thanks for the answer, but I have more than 100 keywords/tags and over 1000 notes: And now I'd like to filter all notes without keyword/tag. Do you have an idea?
  2. Hallo, I would like to show all notes without keyword, but it's for me not clear how it works ? Pls give me an answer, Thanks in advance. (Win 8.1 Desktop PC)
  3. Thanks for the reply; yes I synced my Win8-Computer, but I cannot find ALL keywords in the Android App AND furthermore in the Android App I see only the newest notes of a specific keyword, for example only the newest 20 notes of 60; I hope you have an answer again; Thanks in advance
  4. Hallo, some sub-keywords which I have create under Windows 8 are not shown in the android app on my tablet; it is a mystery for me; pls give me a solution for this, Thanks in advance.
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