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  1. I will totally forget this ever happened and buy my premium subscription if you make the old version available for download. Not even remotely kidding. Note taking on my iPad is essential to my job, and I'm unable to do it with version 6. Not being stubborn, I literally cannot write in this, no matter how slow or how accurate I try, it's illegible scribbles. Please make the old version available for download. Brand new customer if you do.
  2. My brand new iPad with my brand new stylus literally does not work with Penultimate 6. I'm not even complaining about the new / removed features. I can't write in it at all. Very long lag when I write, and 8 out of 10 strokes are ether not recognized or inaccurate / poorly rendered. Can you please make the old version available for download? Name a price. I'll pay it. Like an idiot, I revolved my entire job around Evernote and Penultimate and I'm pretty screwed here. Whatever it's going to cost to get me that old version back, please PM me. Thanks
  3. Thanks for your response. I tried this and it didn't work.
  4. Am I the only one who simply can't write in it? I literally can not use it. 8 out of 10 swipes of my stylus aren't registering. When they do, it's hideous. I should screenshot notes take before the update next to notes taken after. It's like someone repeatedly smashed my hand into a car door
  5. Hi there. New Evernote user--downloaded the app last month and I love it. Penultimate was my motivation for going completely paperless with my scribbles. After a month of use, I'm on the cusp of buying my subscription when I noticed the new version got installed on my iPad and BAM! My amazingly awesome note taker no longer works. I simply can't write in it anymore. My handwriting is no longer legible, no matter how slow and precise I try to make it. In addition, the page no longer scrolls as I take notes (while in that cool zoom mode). Are there any thoughts to reviving the old version, perhaps as a separate download? I love Evernote, but sadly can't continue using it this way. Thanks for your help.
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