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  1. I do a bullet journal in Evernote but rather than use the original bullet system, I came up with my own key using the emoji keyboard. There would probably be symbols similar to the ones you wanted in there.
  2. Walling, if Ryan's answer doesn't help you, you can try the workaround that I used. There is a service called Cloud HQ (cloudhq.net) that syncs data between cloud services. You can use it to save notebooks from Evernote to a pdf in Google Drive (which you can get a free account for if you don't have one). The service isn't free, but there is a free trial.
  3. I have a Penultimate notebook I really need to export to pdf but ever since this new update, that isn't working. I tap the icon for "Export PDF" and a little box saying, "Export PDF" shows up for just a moment and then, disappears with no sign anything has been exported. Does anyone know a way to get this to work? Thanks.
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