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  1. Sorry, folks. GoodNotes has replaced you. Here are the specific reasons: -It actually works better with the Jot Script Evernote edition than your app. Question: why was it called the Evernote edition if Evernote doesn't even have handwriting???? -You don't have to use the zoom box if you don't want to. Why your team--and several other handwriting apps are in love with that thing, I'll never understand. It's dumb. -Page turning works. Know why infinite paper is bad? Because you can only look at one screen of anything at a time. That's the increment of organization. Asking why you need pages is a good question for creative purposes and experimentation, but there's a reason civilization stopped writing on scrolls a thousand years ago. -I found embedding images and highlighting to be more intuitive than it ever was with Penultimate. Just thought I'd summarize my move as feedback. I'm sure it sounds like other stuff you've seen, but that's my final $0.02. Penultimate has been deleted. Evernote isn't far behind, probably.
  2. First, I appreciate the apology. Second--the difference between Penultimate and, say Facebook, is that with something like facebook, it's not a business app--any 'radical' change is a nuisance until the user base gets accustomed to it. With Penultimate, there are real live business processes dependent on how it works. It's more like a B2B app or a back office app. That said, when you want to do something radically different (which is important to do) you 1) raise the new technology alongside the old, 2) get feedback and adjust 3) when the value has been demonstrated--or at least you can show a minimal and temporary (emphasis 'temporary') loss of productivity, then and only then do you 3) manage the sunset of the old technology. This one was dumped on us. I've been scrambling for 3 days to find a replacement to Penultimate. There are alternatives, but they are materially different and I'd prefer not to deal with them (I've tried at least 4). So, the fixes they describe will be welcomed with open arms and smiling faces--maybe....
  3. When are you going to APOLOGIZE for this train wreck and provide UPDATES ON PROGRESS while we are waiting for a fix? "Thank you for your feedback" doesn't cut it.
  4. It's as if you took a list of everything I liked and did the opposite. Hands down, the biggest mistake that could have been made was this release. Drift no longer works, my writing looks pixelated, the app won't keep up with my pen, page turning is gone, replaced by a scrolling that cannot distinguish between pages. I want to revert to the old version. I'm a software product owner and if I had done what you did, I'd be fired.
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