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  1. Well, i deleted the app too. Maybe i'll give it another try if they roll back to the prepatch version - the new 6.x version ist a huge step back and it is not userfriendly any more... I dont know what has driven them to release this 6.x piece of S... - for sure it's the easiest way to get us to use something else instead of Penultimate (which i do now!)
  2. I usually dont post much but i registered here just to agree to this post. The prepatch app was great, i used it alot. The new 6.x version is not great anymore! It's complicate to use. You took away the best features of the app and made something new, but now it is just... crappy! I just cant find another word for it. Why take away the easy page switching? Why take away the easy way to look at the whole note where you can delete single pages easily? Why ist the performance overall now so f.... slow? The writing with a pen is not responsive anymore. Again, i just registered to tell you that you did wrong with the 6.x version. It's one of the few apps i deleted from my iPad and now i use something else.
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