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  1. I would pay for the old version. this free version sucks and is a waste of time. What dummy thought it would be a good idea to scroll and write? I keep coming back to the forums hoping things change, but they still suck! Now I am forced to deal with Bamboo paper, because even though it sucks, it has turntable pages, which i like. Its like the downgraded version of the upgraded version penultimate should have made (if that makes sense). Just my two cents...still mad about it...
  2. I agree, doesnt look like much reversion will be going on. I think the old version will be just a memory. You win some, you lose some...I guess I will just move on...sadly...bamboo paper here i come (even though it's not as good)
  3. Just a note about point 1:Notebooks still exist, they are just exactly equivalent to notebooks in Evernote. In other words, the metaphors have been aligned. You can still create new notebooks (those circle things), and move your notes (previously notebooks) around those notebooks (now represented by circles). You can also now move your penultimate notes around to exist in any notebook in Evernote and they will show up in Penultimate, which wasn't possible before. So the big chore is rebuilding the structure you had pre version 6.0, which would entail creating a new notebook (circle) for each former penultimate notebook, and moving notes (formerly notebooks) to those new circles. The update would have REALLY messed up people's existing structures! Writing this, it sounds like gibberish, so I hope it comes across correctly. No doubt the new organizational metaphor will require some getting used to (and indeed some users simply might be totally out of luck depending on their organization!), and will definitely disrupt users who had fairly entrenched workflows. I understand what you are saying. What I should've said was I don't like scrolling through notes. I miss the notebook feel. I like flipping through pages. I liked the fact that it felt like a notebook. This is the main quality that attracted me in the first place. I have since started using bamboo paper due to the update, but it is not the same as my beloved version five. I just want the old versions capabilities back. I hope someone reads this... Maybe an option to change views in settings? Seriously, that may be a good idea. that way customers can have the best of both worlds... seriously please and thanks...consider it so I can come back! I love my old pen...I am desperate....
  4. Here is my constructive feedback for 6.0 which seems to be a consensus of many reviews that i have read but I wanted to reiterate... 1. don't like notes want notebooks back 2. we never said the buttons were distracting so bring them back 3. I do like the highlight feature so keep that 4. don't want zoom box at all, just give us drift back Again, if you plan to keep it "as is" give us the option of the older version. All of the reasons that you listed in your release are all the things we hate (for the most part). Please stay true to the creators vision of penultimate.
  5. I am trying to find a way to get the old version back. I loved it as-is and want to know if you can make it available to those who did not want the upgrade? I have heard that you just need to do something in itunes. I have sent an email-ticket and just want to know if you will make an older version available or give instructions on how to revert back? I hope my question/concern makes sense... Thanks!
  6. I tried Bamboo Paper and it works better than the Penultimate 6.0. It looks similar, offers notebooks, syncs to evernote, and you can turn pages like a notebook. Still don't like it as much as the 5.3.1 penultimate app though, but until they decide to roll the old one back, I will be using that one. The writing apps all suck so I guess we are all screwed. Will be using old fashioned pencil and paper since this company doesn't understand why we liked 5.3.1... Oh, and I also heard Notability (I think you have to pay) is pretty good. I don't like INkredible, seems to resemble the penultimate 6.0
  7. please hear this plea... We (all the people who keep posting about how they do not like penultimate) would really like the older version back. There is no other app like it, we like the look and feel of a real notebook, and do not like the new version. Please don't post a FAQ on how to use it. Simply give us the old version back. Or make it available in addition to the new one. Let the new one be the paid version. Just give us the one we know and love. By the way... I haven't started posted until you changed the app, so yes, that is saying something. I hope you listen to this suggestion, thanks!
  8. it didnt work for me...I hadnt used itunes on the computer.
  9. i agree. this sucks! deleting it. it is no longer unique
  10. they dont CARE that NO ONE seems to like this version. I have been up all night trying to figure out how to downgrade and no luck (its not backed up on my computer). So I have been downloading as many free writing apps as I could and they all have the same dumb features that penultimate has copied. Bring back the old notebook feel. Bring back the drift feature. And if you are not going to do that, at least make the old version available to us. I have deleted it and started using paper and pencil. May penultimate rest in peace as it will never be the same.
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