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  1. I´m not bothered at the interface change, i quite liked it, though it was real nice the feel of a notebook. Anyway, i´ve noticed several bugs and glitches that is really anoying, and since we all use this for everyday and everyminute notetaking, it´s really pushing us back ( I think i can say it for all of us who use this app a lot). The zoom for writing, i think it´s a good addition, but not been able to zoom the page anymore makes sketching very dificult. Also the "play" button doesnt work nice as the previous autoadjusting page scroll speed. It´s impossible to write in this update.There´s something really wrong with the writing, it just doesnt capture the lines right. My caligraphy is getting really distorted. I write with a regular pen.When i write in this new zoom mode, the stroke on the page appears thicker than i wrote.Now we can crate other NoteBooks, and this is real nice, but i can´t move my notes from one notebook to another.It´s real important we can see all the pages of a note as thumbnail, but I can´t find it anymore. This can´t be removed.I´ve notice, also, that when I paste a picture, it was somehow croped, but when in the zoom mode I can see the area outside the crop, so i think it´s a bug.The eraser tool is just too big for some sketches, the way it was before was way better.I can´t make notes with different page styles, it was a great thing, so i could do some writing on classic lines paper, and on another page do some sketches over a grid.The "undo" button must not be hidden.I really liked the new pen and marker option, where i have better choices for the thickness of the lines. (waiting desperatelly for a new update that fixes these things above). Thank you.
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