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  1. This kind of makes me wonder if Evernote's goal is to do away with Penultimate so that they have less applications to support. This would be one way to drive away the users. Just saying...
  2. Evernote, I believe one thing that is infuriating the loyal followers of your products is your total lack of response on the issue with Penultimate. There are those of us that preach Evernote to everyone we know. We believe in your product. I know I personally tell everyone I talk to that Evernote is probably the best product I have ever used for personal use, and I have been in the IT field for almost 35 years. Then, when something like the Penultimate update comes along, and pretty much the entire user base is unhappy with it - we get silence. From what I am reading, there were some very important notes being taken with that app that are now pretty much useless. This has cost a large number of people quite a bit of time, and possibly money. And we get - silence?? We all know that to fix the issues with an app this badly done could take a while, and I personally don't think your user base is going to wait that long. And, not to mention that there are other companies that tied in with Penultimate that are probably going to lose a few bucks on this. At least let us know that SOMETHING is being done to address the issues. Your loyal customers want to know!
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