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  1. Well, it's for real. They have not a clue. After posting a report ticket to custom service explaining the problems and explaining how landscape notes gets corrupted, they don't understand the problem at all. Finally, i´ve received a last template message sending me to a page where they explain how to use and what are the differences on the new version and how marvelous and smart is the new version, because it seems that the problem is that i need to get used to the new version. Also making clear that they are only thinking on Evernote, not Penultimate users, because all of their arguments is to adapt to evernote, evernote, evernote blah blah blah. Meanwhile, i wrote to the Notability support asking for the possibility of more paper styles like penultimate ones. They kindly send me a dropbox shared folder with a lot of templates to import, including sport, technical, music, storyboards... As an old Spanish tv spot says: "Search, compare, and if you find something better, purchase it!"
  2. I'm sorry that access to old versions over the air, as in your case, is only available if your OS is incompatible with the current version. As long as your iOS is compatible with the latest version you only can download that. If is not compatible you will have the option to download the last compatible one. Also, for itunes ones, once your itunes library has the latest one, the older become unavailable. So if anyone want to revert to version 5, please asure you don't sync your device with itunes or the version 6 will overwrite 5.
  3. There is a reason for all people using pages and book style format. Ancient egyptian scrolls sucks. Do you imagine a lawyer preparing his case exposition with a huge kitchen paper roll? Or a musician in a concert rolling the w.c. paper roll? Or a storyboard designer with a cart full of wallpaper rolls? I think you, guys, forgot that penultimate is not a writing app. On a text edit app you can scroll down easily, but we are using Penultimate for storyboarding, interface design, planification, music writting, visual concept... all of those are not suitable for continuos scrolling. Need to be searchable, tumbnailable, sortable. Also is a beaufitul detail from you to convert all landscape notes to an infinite vertical nightmare. As it is now, i think this drawing define what Penultimate has become:
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