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  1. Another vote demanding a response, a plan from Evernote! Guys! You are loosing credibility by not communicating. You must react to 190 ALL negative comments in 40 hours, many of us first ever posting customers, reacting to the Penultimate 6 release. Your rating in the App Store is dropping like a stone. No response is not Evernote like.
  2. Add me to the (VERY) unhappy list! I loved penultimate 5, but this new version does not meet my needs at all! - no thumbnail view - dumb drift at a single, very high speed - poor handwriting recognition leaving scattered marks, not a legible script - single, continuous page is a bad idea - this is supposed to be a notebook, not a toilet paper The design team has seriously been out of touch of the customers, and the real use of the product. Please bring back the old, and think this thing through again from scratch!
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