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  1. I have tried dealing with Adonit regarding the Evernote Edition Jot Script Stylus (version 1) since I purchased the device through the Evernote market in Feb. 2014. I must say that my patience is gone with this product. How can Evernote, which has such an outstanding product, team up with Adonit and sell such ***** in conjunction with penultimate. Im convinced Adonit does not care to support their customers based on their unwillingness to back up their product. Then ever note's penultimate begins to have their own problems. I give evernote much credit to admit their penultimate product should not have been released to the public with all the problems and frustrations their customers experienced. If nothing else it shows you care as a company and have integrity. But to continue to market Adonit's stylus products as if the newest jot script 2 is better than the previous version 1 while Evernote and Adonit refuse to back up and support all the problems jot script version 1 is still having lacks any corporate responsibility. Adonit blames Evernote penultimate and Evernote blames Adonis's hardware. You can't blame Apple as I use an iPad Air (original) and had my device tested for hardware issues by Apple. The device is functioning properly including bluetooth. I have a stylus sitting on my desk that I can't use. What a waste of $74.99. I have the scansnap scanner, a outstanding device. I use evernote which only continues to get better every month. SO why in the hell can't Adonit and Evernote get it together and fix and or replace the Jot Script stylus. Im willing to ship it at my cost and have the stylus repaired at my cost which is better than sitting on my desk collecting dust. I can't even get either of these two companies to acknowledge the issues and help me. Steve Adrian
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