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  1. It is really stunning to see that these people (at Evernote) think they have time to fix this totally broken update while users are going to wait until everything is working again. I personally do not want to be involved in this large scale live beta testing endeavour and feed this bugs/issues list. It worked well 5 days ago and they wrecked the app. Great amateurish job. Good luck now.
  2. Just contacted the "chat" support and here is what we can expect: Alex: Hello! Hope your day is going well.Thanks for your patience todayBecause this version of Penultimate is brand new, we're activity collecting feedback and may make revisions in the coming weeks and months to address customers' concerns.If you have any specific aspects of the app you'd like like to provide feedback about, I'd be more than happy to pass your suggestions along to our developers for their considerationDue to inactivity, this chat session will be ended. Please feel free to chat back with us if you need further
  3. look gbarry, do you really think the posts on the forums are "continued feedback"? More than 260 people took some time to tell you the new app was useless. Having new useless features is ... useless. I also received the email from the Evernote support team redirecting me to this forum. Is Evernote a workplace with only a bunch of amateurs? Be serious, roll back the old app 5.3. I have already downloaded Bamboo Paper (and tried other apps). If the old app is not available within 24 hours you'll loose hundreds of users, regardless of how great your new features in 6.0 are. Notwith
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