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  1. That’s good news - but why was a new version released without full functionality? Why did you release an MVP in replacement of an established premium product?
  2. Just discovered a new missing feature - tagging doesn’t seem to be available at all anymore when clipping a webpage
  3. No, as I mentioned, this is referring to the menu and command buttons, not note edit controls. I have edited my post for clarity. Please delete your post, it is misconstruing my feedback.
  4. Did the iphone version of the IOS app get released to iPad? All commands for note navigation/selection have been moved to thumb command positions (menu, search, edit) at the bottom of the screen like in a phone app, not a tablet app. This is awkward and counterintuitive because it’s not modeled on how tablets are held or where tablet users look for commands (or where it’s comfortable to use). Also, what was the benefit/need for users being targeted with this redesign? It seems be trying to solve problems no one had with the app?
  5. I think most of us on this forum understand the nature of the format change, but what we're trying to tell you is that we specfically purchased Penultimate because it was in a Notebook simulating format. This change is not so much an addition of value, but a complete destruction of the Notebooks we intentionally created over the years in that structure. Please give us the option to restore the notebooks and journals we created, including the thumbnail page view so we don't have to scroll through the entire note to find a single piece of content. I can understand wanting to increase compati
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