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  1. I think most of us on this forum understand the nature of the format change, but what we're trying to tell you is that we specfically purchased Penultimate because it was in a Notebook simulating format. This change is not so much an addition of value, but a complete destruction of the Notebooks we intentionally created over the years in that structure. Please give us the option to restore the notebooks and journals we created, including the thumbnail page view so we don't have to scroll through the entire note to find a single piece of content. I can understand wanting to increase compatibility with the Evernote platform, however, this redesign is not aligned with the needs of your users.
  2. I've changed the setting now and can at least see the names again - but is there anyway to switch back to the previous Notebook format? I'm truly heartbroken over this format change because it just ruined years of beautiful production notebooks I created as journals using the Penultimate. If the format can't be reversed, this update completely destroyed all of those years of work. I'm not sure if you understood, but your users purchased Penultimate because it was the closest thing we could find to having a really good notebook on the iPad. It was the easiest to use and most responsive notebook app available for writing down notes and sketching, similar to a Moleskine journal. In regards to the stylus issue, I use a Wacom Bamboo stylus...which I use with every single other app on the iPad without problem (including up until now, Penultimate). I never had to sync anything with Penultimate before - it just worked beautifully. Per your request, I took a video of how the the writing no longer appears where the stylus meets the screen - I have tried changing the writing position setting several times...this happens on all settings. What would be the best way to get the video to you? is there an address I can sent it? I guess I just don't understand why you would so radically change the structure of the app like this - did you guys not realize the simplicity of the design and the fact that it was the best replica of an actual notebook on the market were the value it brought to the table? I've been using this app since the first iPad and years of carefully constructed notebooks were just thrown straight out the window, seemingly without any consideration or notice. I really, really wish you had thought this through - I'm just so very unhappy.
  3. Running into several defects that are really impeding my use of the app on an IOS8 iPad Air: Writing appears far from where stylus touches the screen - very disorienting and difficult to writeMy notebooks are now showing individual internal pages instead of the covers with the titles on them so I can't tell my notebooks apart - have the titles been deleted entirely?the response of the app to touch commands is very choppy especially when scrolling - why is there no capability to go from page to pageis there a help guide anywhere?I used this app because it felt the most like a simple notebook and was the cleanest, easiest to write with. The current release has removed those benefits entirely.
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