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  1. I finally gave up on there ever being a version of Penultimate released for Android and reluctantly made the switch to Apple. I literally became an iPad user for this app. I was in love with this app and had just started increasing it's prevalence in my day to day workflow. I was in serious consideration to upgrade to a Premium account and was growing increasingly more excited about having my wife purchase me the Evernote Jot stylus for Christmas. Not now. Now, I am desperately trying to get a replacement app settled into place to make my switch to the iPad still worthwhile. (I've grown to admire the iPad, I just hate that the reason I switched has be rendered useless now.) I can second the idea above for the Bamboo Paper app. So far, it's the closest thing to the "glory days" of Penultimate. Evernote team, thank you for the reassurance that the bugs are being worked out. However, based on what I'm reading, it seems as though the vast majority of users don't want the bugs fixed. WE WANT THE OLD VERSION BACK.
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