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  1. I've created this thread for anyone who is in agreement with me that version 5.3.1 must be reinstated before I consider using Penultimate again. Whether this in in the form of a rollback or a separate app release such as Penultimate classic. It s obvious that the brass at Evernote are not receptive to the pleas of the customers, and I refuse to support them until they are.
  2. Wow, epic fail 2.0. After using this new version for 5 minutes, I've grown more disdainful of Evernote than before. - the biggest problem is that when I write something, it takes around a half second for it to show up - the pages are more zoomed in by default which is annoying - you brought the thumbnails back but left out the ability to copy pages - all of my notebooks are still lumped into that stupid penultimate circle You guys seriously fucked up a great app. I am officially done with Penultimate in its current state. I'll only come back when 5.3.1 is available again, which is a what all of us customers asked for in the first place.
  3. I'm not sure if this is possible either, but if it is could someone share that .ipa file?
  4. Will you guys please finally make version 5 available for download again?! I don't think you guys get it, we don't want "bug" fixes for this piece of ***** update, we want the old version back!
  5. Hello? Evernote? .............Any response to this dumpster fire?
  6. I'm trying out the Bamboo paper note taking app. It's the closest thing I've found so far to the old version of Penultimate. I won't use Penultimate again unless the update is reverted.
  7. I seriously never take the time to comment on forums, but I just had to for this one. You guys failed miserably on this update! I echo the sentiments of nearly everyone who has commented previously. Roll back this update ASAP!
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