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  1. Thank you! Rolling back to 2.8 solved the issue for me too as nothing else would. I hope Evernote fixes this problem in the next release. Thanks Gabsiscoding!
  2. Unfortunately, this did not work for me. Funny, I can drag to Outlook, but not to Slack or Jira. Jira runs in a browser and I have a funny feeling Slack app on Mac might still be similar to a browser. Tried Jira in both Safari and Chrome, not good. But the CloudApp works with drag and drop from their app to both Jira and Slack.
  3. Thanks! I'll give it a try. I assume this doesn't do anything to your screen captures since those are synced with Evernote and should still be available online.
  4. Is anyone have problems with 2.8.1 dragging to another app. For about the last 2 weeks I can no longer drag to Slack or Jira. I have to drag to the desktop or other finder folder, then drag that to Slack or Jira. A royal pain. It's got to be a temp folder problem or something. Thanks.
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