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  1. I finally found a very tedious way of getting back my page breaks by opening the notebooks in Evernote, exporting them as html, and then printing them out as pdf files. But now I quite Penultimate and Evernote for good. I've switched to Noteshelf - it is quite intuitive and very easy use. Highly recoomend it to anyone who has lost faith in Penultimate.
  2. Garett, what if you actually want to have a page break in your notes so that you can organize them afterwards? Is there a way of reintroducing old page breaks? Thanks, Art
  3. Hi, after upgrading to the new version of penultimate, I've discovered that my notebooks have been converted into individual notes, i.e. each notebook of 10-15 pages is now looking like a very long note of a single page and I have to scroll up and down a long way to get to the information I need. I can't seem to find a way of getting to a "page break" view of my former notebooks. I would appreciate if someone could share a way of restoring the old page breaks. Many thanks, Art
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