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  1. Thanks for the help, its a start. The page turning in the notebook was the big bonus over Notetaker HD, used by a co-worker. "Onward through the Fog"...
  2. I am a new user of Penultimate, started Halloween. I was reluctant to use an electronic scribbler, but was tired of carrying all the stuff around, So I made a change, and was just getting used to it. Ordered my new Jot, and now this... WTF!! I can only open one page, and only see part of it. How do you scroll down? Where is the page turner? When I use my fingers to zoom, it jumps out to a list of notes, only 3, as I was using the one and turning the pages as if using my scribbler unit I get more familiar with this. I am totally lost, and get further behind as the day goes on.
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