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  1. I'm not generally one to post a comment about anything, on any site, for any reason. But this Penultimate 6.0 is so bad that I feel compelled to join the chorus of negative posts. First, the good: I like the clean-line design, and find it to be visually pleasing. And, the new icon is a nice update. The improved integration with Evernote is a good addition as well. Now, the rest: I won't be able to use Penultimate until (if and when) the extremely poor functionality issues are corrected. Until the (auto) update yesterday, I have used an Evernote edition Adonit Jot Script. The pairing was easy, and the indicator of pairing is graphically pleasing. But the Jot Script function is now extremely poor in comparison to the pre-6.0 version. The responsiveness I had grown used to is simply not there. The lack of responsiveness of the Jot Script may be, at least in part, a result of the new zoom writing box moving at a single, break-neck pace. As others in the forum, I find it very difficult to keep up with the speed of the zoom box while keeping the Jot Script responsive to loops, dots, etc. The zoom writing box is either moving (again, at break-neck pace) or it is not. In my experience, "real world" note taking generally does not occur at a uniform speed. I typically slow down or speed up my writing as I pause to think or listen. The previous drift function of the zoom box was fantastic for this real world use. In the current version, not only does the zoom box not slow with slowed writing, but the user must actually press an on-screen pause/play button to get the zoom box to stop. This pause/play button interferes with the writing experience immensely. I have tried writing on the plain sheet, without the use of the zoom box that I have so enjoyed, and found that my Jot Script was not as responsive there as it was in the previous version. And yes, it was connected. The line weights are not quite right. In my opinion, the "01" weight is too thin, and the "02" is too thick--at least for my writing and compared to the previous version. Sad to say, but after experimenting with the update last night, I left my Jot Script at home this morning. First time in almost a year that I didn't take it to work. That is sad, as is my conclusion that I will not be using Penultimate until this disaster of an update is overhauled. Evernote Team--I'm really surprised--and I think many of my fellow commenters are surprised as well. This update is not typical of what I have come to know, love, and expect from Evernote. I'm sure you are getting the message--just don't delay in addressing these issues. Good luck.
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