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  1. I think the reloading problem is less serious although it still exists. In the long run, I am looking forward to the coming revolutionary new version. But to suggest here that, the launching screen in the dark mode has to change into black background as well to result in consistent dark experience.
  2. I also noticed that but nothing happens when I tap every option. Think that they are not ready and so haven't mentioned it. Overall I am happy with the update especially with the keyboard bug finally fixed on iPhone X.
  3. I did get an automatic reply with the ticket number, and until now (since last Friday) I didn't get any reply from live persons.
  4. Last Friday I submit a request to Evernote about a bug in iOS app, especially telling them I have screenshots but in the app I couldn't attach photos. Usually I got reply within two days, but this time, I still couldn't get any help at the end of Monday. I have already sent another mail in this afternoon. However, I didn't hear any answers from Evernote. I know there have been big changes in Evernote recently. Some senior staff have left the company. I don't know if Support Team is also affected and Premium users no longer get quick help without notice.
  5. Glad to see the update especially the tag management. For web clip, when simplify formatting, only the pic of the web is shown. No text. For widget, there are still some notes can't be shown.
  6. Tested already for the whole day with my iPhone SE (without reinstall). Overall it works well. Swiping right to go back is smooth. Do recommend this version if you find it painful from v8.0 to v8.0.3.
  7. I'm referring to the circumstance which was before the v8.0 was launched.
  8. Although I do not suffer much from this version, the app does become slower and slower until I delete and reinstall it. Although I have complained that Evernote 8.0 should be launched, I don't expect the new design should be introduced in a hurry, at least, to avoid the killer bug like the crash. I suggest the company can tell us that they are working hard on the new version, but not that 'coming soon' marketing strategy! You can explain that redesign needs time, although this can be risky in terms of competition, but I'm sure your reputation can be saved.
  9. And one more, there is still no undo in iPhone version.
  10. Overall I love it! But I found that renaming has not been able in tag management, and feel a bit disappointment that the widget does not have any improvement.
  11. There are some examples: In my iPad Air, when I tap the search button in Today's Widget, the app is launched without the search page. The Today's Widget always fails to display some of the content especially the 4 action buttons (and even shows 'failed to load'). Crashes always occur after tapping search results. Bugs even occur in iPhone SE released in 2016. But to be fair they did improve the editor in both iOS and Mac versions. They did even rewrite the note editor in iOS. To be honest, they still do so little... I have told customer services about the bugs, but what breaks customers' heart is that, you look at the upcoming machine rather than your customers, and the customers feel they have been betrayed. Especially those who are freelancers and (one-man) startup and who can only apply for the personal professional account, putting all their businesss into the big elephants. And one day the company said they can open their elephants' mouth to see inside. They have already admitted that, I don't mind if Evernote has many imaginations on future cloud notebooks. But make sure that they have abundant resources and time on fixing all the bugs and create much better and smoother taking note experiences first! The app itself is the foundation of all including what you say about machine learning. After using several note-taking apps I can feel the vision of Evernote, but if the app is unusable, everything is rubbish!
  12. Thanks for Evernote the new move! But apps experiences and security should be top priority all before other things. They are also parts of productivity. I love Evernote because I can add notes and ideas anytime and anywhere. The search syntax and saved search can create my workflow. I can raise to wake up my iPhone, swipe to the widget and tap search to tap the list of projects I am handling. That's why I still don't give up even though Evernote app experience is so painful and other note apps are much better. i really urge Evernote not only revisiting the terms and conditions, but also your apps. Did you fix the PDF bug in Mac client? Did you fix the bug of Today's Widget? Did you add the UNDO button in iPhone? Did you rewrite the smartphone apps to have better navigation and better workflow to make users feel less painful in writing? Did you keep the security of notes up to standard (encryption)? Your company just say we will be benefitted without specific examples. After prices going up and moving to Google Cloud we still can't see and feel what we get.
  13. I just wonder Evernote just rewrote the note editor in iOS client, while they HESITATE TO REWRITE THE WHOLE APPS by adding undo in iPhone client, adding links function (with text), merging notes like in Mac, introducing a new UI to improve smoother workflow etc. If you say PRODUCTIVITY! Bear Writer, the new note app, said clearly that they have their servers in Apple CloudKit with encryption of every note as default, aiming at the situation that 'we don’t want to be able to access your data at all'. How about Evernote? I know that some other companies like Townske and Squarespace can access my content which has not been open to the public. For Townske, my draft is just about the travel guide which will be public one day. For Squarespace, they just access my account when I face technological problem, and they say they have a track record about the staff. For the past few years, Evernote did ask us and even encourage us to put all our personal staff like receipts with their own names, with their scanner camera. Now you said you allow staff to read my notes. The bigger problem is that we can be seen without knowing, and we can't be notified, and most importantly we can't require the company for the record. The company just keeps asking us to give them: First of all, more money by increasing the price; second, the information. While we never get more from the company, new features and transparency. They say we will be benefitted but they always lie us! How about if Evernote greatly improves their apps? At least by fixing PDF annotation in Mac v6.10? Launching v8.0 in iOS? Before updating privacy policies? Maybe a bit better but still going wrong. I suspect that the current CEO will sell, or merge Evernote to/with Google one day. They are preparing now!
  14. Do you know that many people are not living in democratic countries like the US? If they live in a country like China, you are putting the users into risks. I am in Hong Kong in which the government is turning into a dictatorship as it keeps charging innocent citizens! The main reason I choose Evernote but not Google Now or Dropbox is the 'manually' as you said! I prefer my mind of control to everything that will do it for me because I enjoy the process and I will gain memories. If I want automation, I will ask Google to help me. What I really want is to greatly improve the iOS UI used for more than three years since iOS 7, as it doesn't have a smooth workflow for me. Make sure you understand the option is default as on. Not off. You still don't address the encryption issues as called by people here! You just say you protect us but actually not!
  15. There are notes which can't be reloaded or refreshed to the latest version in iOS app (my Evernote is v7.18.1 with iPhone SE / iOS 10.1). When I update a note in Mac version (6.9.2), it is successfully synced to the cloud (as in the web version) but in iOS app it sometimes stays the previous or much older version (the app shows it has successfully synced). To ensure I get the latest note, I have to update the note in Mac once more (say by adding space or a word), and the iOS app can respond correctly under this circumstance. By updating notes in iOS, there are no problems in Mac. I have deleted both apps and reinstalled, and the problem still exists sometimes.
  16. Love the update overall however the simplified formatting has been removed. I need it because when I clip a webpage from iPad or iPhone, I would like to make the content simpler and read it comfortably. The plain text will remove pictures and it is useless.
  17. 以前有用Food、Scannable,Penultimate和Skitch都有用過。 現在則是本體Evernote和Mac裝置的Web Clipper。 反而想分享本體app用什麼功能:基本筆記、畫圖(不是Skitch)、提醒(主要閱讀文章),本來有用Share extension儲存網頁但是很多時候很慢,如是iPad或手機我會複製圖文。 我有iPhone、iPad和MacBook,用途如下: iPhone:突然想到的靈感、想法,需要搜尋的主題(因為在街上我覺得不應立即打開Safari或Google app搜尋,最好在咖啡廳或家裡慢慢研究) iPad:與朋友討論分享自己想法,我還打算把它做白板。現時則分享我平板內的一些筆記和圖文。閱讀時會用它記錄重要句子或寫摘要。其他時候會細讀我要稍後閱讀的文章,因為Evernote可以劃重點,甚至打開畫圖功能,透過手寫讓自己思考。 MacBook:工作上我不會先寫在Word或Google Doc,而是這裡開筆記。
  18. Some bugs still exist, like: In spotlight search, I search a note and tap the result, the app doesn't direct me to the related note. But if I update that note and search it again, it works. (it happens in iPhone 5s, and it still occurs even after hard factory reset with all my phone's contents erased.) By tapping 'Search' in Today's Widget, the search menu doesn't appear. (occurs in iPad Air)
  19. FAQ just reminds me that the handwriting function must be added to Evernote app just like the Android version. I don't know why the Android version is different from the iOS in terms of functions, and the company likes to do something to let Penultimate users suffer. In this case, replace this app with Notability and even Noteshelf, in which the latter has auto publish to Evernote function.
  20. I used to use Penultimate for a while because it can be synced to Evernote and viewed in iOS app comfortably. But I realized I didn't need it and deleted it. When I knew the version 6 was released with new design, I downloaded it and had a try. What I mostly was unhappy about is the handwriting experience - you have to write it very very very slowly or the lines could be made straight. Seems the developers consider when users draw figures say square or lines, but I think I am wrong since the long lines are always not straight... How come this choppy experience?! Much worst than Penultimate 5.x! Since this app allows only writing and no typing, the terrible handwriting results in TOTALLY useless of the app. For the two-finger scroll down feature, it may be designed for the sake of the flow of writing. If you turn pages while drawing, your ideas may be interrupted. This feature may be taken reference to Notability, however it allows users to have an overview of each page, and allows users to move pages to different location. For me, Notability is more suitable, allowing people to type, write and draw at the same time as they like, although it cannot be synced to Evernote (only export with PDF). I suggest all of you here to switch to Notability and save in Evernote. Well, this is not a perfect solution but sure you will never be frustrated with that silly and ridiculous Penultimate 6! The Evernote team responded that they did have betas before launching. But I wonder if they have forgotten what handwriting is, or they never have any handwriting experiences since they were born...
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