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  1. Jamie's response is very well stated. Unfortunately, I fear that many of us will find and build alternative workflows in haste and will have already overcome the learning curves associated with those new workflows by the time Penultimate is to the level it was with a more robust change management strategy in place for the future (that's one thing I've always given Apple–phenominal change management in the OS X and iOS releases). Also, given what I've seen in the forum and my personal experience, the loss will primarily be in those users who didn't have Evernote accounts and just liked Penultimate, because this seems to be a link for many of the lost data folks...no sync to Evernote, no visible notebooks on update or after creating a new Evernote account. I'm not trying to be a naysayer and I wish Evernote all the best, but I can at least say that for me...I've moved on (except I still don't have access to my old notebooks) with a new workflow, leveraging apps I rarely used in the past (Notes, Pages, etc.), better integration across devices, and updated my hardware. It took a moment to get a response, but it does remind me a little of the antennagate thing with the iPhone 4 and Steve Jobs holding a press conference during which he said something like: It's not like we've been sitting around doing nothing for a year on this...it's been 3 weeks. Of course, that was one problem reported by a "small number of users" on a product consumers were otherwise happy with; so, might be apples and oranges. Well done Evernote on developing and implementing, what appears to be, a coordinated response across multiple spokepeople and media in a relatively short period of time. Sounds like there are a lot of lessons learned on this one. Cheers
  2. Update on my quest to reengineer and consider my note taking strategy: 1. I decided to go with the Logitech Type+ for my keyboard cover. The keyboard is very close to full-size and slightly larger than the iPad keyboard. So far I am able to type as quickly as I can on my laptop. The feedback on the keys is very nice and they are relatively quiet...quieter than the sound most modern styli have when clicking against the iPad screen. I'm typing this on it in fact, and the keyboard shortcuts for moving the cursor around mimic those found on the Apple keyboard. 2. Because the Notes, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote apps are available for free (Notes can't be uninstalled) and available on all devices and sync with iCloud - note taking issues have been resolved, with the added bonus of being completely portable with my notes and other "professional" documents. 3. I've also started looking into Loose Leaf as a means for sketching ideas. It is exactly what it sounds like, however. No notebooks at this time. However, the other functionality available make it a pretty good collaboration tool for teams using iPads...I haven't used it enough to say more than that. 4. Data loss: I received an update from Tech Support asking me to download iExplorer...not great that I have to download an app outside the App store - not sure if it is available for Windows...and not sure how long the demo version will work. This app gives you access to the private folders on the device...as a developer, this creeps me out a bit. I told inside of this private folder would be PNG images; however, when I looked, they were not files, they were folders (not file packages) with a single binary...so not a complete solution to the fear of data loss, but it appears all of my pages are still on the device. Conclusion: Between items 1 and 2, note taking and document creation has become ubiquitous and completely portable - making my iPad a 10" laptop. The keyboard case does add a little weight, but the tradeoff is minimal compared to what is gained. 3 appears to give a viable solution to sketching, storyboarding, and collaborating on projects where visualization is the main goal. 4 means that the notebooks should not be lost...only unviewable; so, here's to hoping I eventually get to see them. Hope that helps someone else having a tough time responding to this apparent direction change from Evernote related to Penultimate. Cheers
  3. As was stated. There are a few responses from an Evernote employee on the first few pages. Unfortunately, not much has been said since; so, it can definitely feel like crickets...but, it's been 3 days - it's difficult to change direction that fast - especially when the app submission process takes roughly a week and is completely out of Evernote's hands. Further, the algorithm for placing an app in the new and noteworthy section only partially works that way from my experience and understanding as a developer myself. It's still kind of automatic and Penultimate would have experienced a lot of downloads and updates when it was updated; thereby, making it new and noteworthy. Finally, this incident has forced me to reevaluate my note taking needs, which is probably for the best as I had been doing the same thing for a long time. So far, I've actually decided to abandon handwritten notes altogether. Dictation on OS X and iOS has come a long way. I type very fast, and don't have to worry about retyping. I've picked up Bamboo Paper or Pixelmator, depending, and the FineLine stylus for sketching ideas and will be using the Apple Notes app with a Qode keyboard case from Belkin for the iPad (using Adobe Ideas on the phone). This workflow should allow a lot of flexibility as the Notes app is available on all devices running OS X and iOS - with iCloud integration. The sketches can be exported to image/PDF format, I can then use them as rotoscopes in Illustrator, PhotoShop, or Pixelmator. Because the notes will already be typed, if I need to put them in an email, Pages document, Numbers spreadsheet, or whatever other digital media, it's just a copy and paste away. So, in a way, I would like to legitimately thank you Evernote for helping me bust my cycle (http://youtu.be/2pvQgd8eHGE?list=PLpOgGfkVc1t_qI5R5hSxnBV6hWG8ts-zh) it's made me realize that some really cool stuff has been happening while I've been using Penultimate. Having said that, someone did respond to my ticket letting me know that the new Penultimate would be a single scrolling note similar to the way Evernote works...which could get interesting in the future if an OCR was applied to Penultimate notes that would convert them to Evernote entries...not that Evernote's heading that way. Hopefully, we'll be able to figure out how to get my notebooks back so I can export them (I was a day late in implementing my personal backup strategy specific to Penultimate)...otherwise, I will experience the cycle of not having my data lost busted, which is the wrong cycle to bust in my opinion. Best wishes.
  4. As an app developer myself I can say that Apple's app review process takes an average of 5 days. Therefore, I think chances of an update (even just resubmission of the 5.0 code as 6.0.1) being available by Monday is slim; not because of Evernote.
  5. I made this account so I could post this as I am, hopefully understandably, freaking out a bit and apologize for, essentially, hitting support on two fronts. My iPad is set to automatically update apps. Up until now this has been a wonderful feature to use. When I launched the latest version of Penultimate my heart dropped: 1. It appears that to use Penultimate I am required to have an Evernote account and to be logged in. Beyond the recommendation from Apple NOT to make apps this way (see WWDC videos), I don't use Evernote itself and have been using Penultimate since prior to the acquisition. 2. When I logged in (created an account) all of my notepads (9+) and notes for the past couple of years are gone with no apparent way to retrieve them. Am I just out of luck? Please help as I have really appreciated not having to lug around composition books as I did for years prior to the iPad and Penultimate. Related support ticket number: 818638 I can't speak on the topics/complaints made so far in this thread as I have not been able to move beyond the fact that my notebooks are gone...
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